Signs of backward progression

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  1. dannyboy

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    I guess I cant blame them, cut costs at every chance, and take service away from the customer in the process.

    It seems that one of our center managers has asked for the commit times for a large portion of our area to be changed from 10:30 to 12:30. I guess it will save them some time, and of course they can add additional stops to each driver since we do not have to hustle to get the air off.

    Bu then again, since we are having a serious time getting out on time, maybe they will just roll back start time to 9:30 or 10.

    Nothing like regressing back to poor service instead of trying to improve service and cost effectiveness.

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    Hi Danny ... welcome back.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I was told last week that our center will be eliminating the air driver and the air will be dispatched among the drivers; however, there has been no talk of pushing the commit time back. Air volume is down but those who still receive NDA have grown accustomed to our 10:30 commit times and, in many instances, plan their day around these deliveries. I agree that this would be a step backward.
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    they might as well eliminate airs all together then! put yourself in the customer's shoes. even if you are a die-hard ups fan, once the airs start getting in at lunch time, and you see the fed-ex truck go by a 915..... what is going to happen?
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    Word around here is that anyone who runs more than 5 clicks over will be getting a talk with. Should be interesting.
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    This is the way it's always been in Toronto,and to be honest,it's much more efficient,and cost cutting to use the driver with the best area knowledge than streeting another body.I do my 10:30 commits,my Noon commits usually delivering the ground at the same time,then I attack the cod's dump stops and apartment buildings.
    They are however making us take NDA pkgs on road with bad postal codes when service could be made by handing the pkg to the driver 2 cars down.Service charges could be applied in the AM for address corrections and those pkgs could be serviced for on time delivery.
    dbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdbdb we missed ya!
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    Nice to have ya back Danny!
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    they screwed up and emptied the post card cage lol
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    I haven't heard anything about noon commit times but we stopped using air drivers (except Saturdays and drop box pickups) a while back. It's kind of strange watching the full-time drivers want to run Early AMs. They seemed to be a disease in the past. People have figured out that EAMs = earlier start time. In some cases the EAM allows people to start early when they really don't need to. I ran EAMs almost every day when I was part-time but it's rare for me now.
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    Hey Danny, welcome back. I haven't enjoyed the threads as much because you are without a doubt, my favorite poster.
    While we have yet to push back commit times, we have a frightening number of service failures every day. UPS won't pay a driver to shuttle misloads. Our local got a cease & desist order to stop supervisors from doing the shuttling, but in the meantime our customers are stuck with subpar service. I am afraid that the rush to the panic button has led our company to be extremely penny-wise and monumentally pound-foolish.
    Take a 25-30 year guy, give them some of the overflow air we have every day, then have them shuttle the misloads. We provide better service and we take care of a veteran driver instead of offering them a porter job ( pushing a broom is a strange form of gratitude for a quarter century of service ).
    Refunding packages and loss of customer satisfaction outweigh on-road costs, but everyone is afraid of putting another load out. Forest......trees....
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    I like your thinking we have a 25 year TPU driver who's volume is down a little so he shuttles misloads a couple hours a day.
    It's amazing that UPS still has a one to one management to hourly ratio in most of these bigger hubs. 5 guys in the trailers unloading and 10 guys watching them telling them to hurry up.
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    Welcome back Dannyboy. Have really missed your posts, maybe it is the common sense posted in the threads.:happy2:
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    Danny, good to have you back posting.
    Although anything is possible, it's pretty rare that we will roll back the service for air. To do a downgrade, first the district IE and BD have to approve it, then it has to go to region ie\bd to approve and then to corp. All that has to happen is have one person veto it and it doesn't get done.
    The only times I've seen a downgrade successfully implemented is when the downgrade will result in our going down to FDX svc commit or still being ahead of FDX svc commit. If the request brings us lower the FDX, 99.9% chance it won't be done. Second there has to be very little NDA volume in jeopardy to lose. Usually it's very small volume that only occasionally occurs and really screws up the dispatch when it does where it costs a decent amt of time for a FSP, or a need of a PTer. Let me know if it occurs, but odds are seriously against it.

    I was involved in the district IE a long time ago and we put in a request to alter the svc commits. The district operations asked for virtually no upgrades and hundreds of downgrades. The district BD group asked for no downgrades and hudreds of upgrades. We came to a decision to go for about 100 upgrades and about 10 zips to be downgraded. So at the district level only a handful of downgrades made it past us. The region added a few more upgrades to us, and took away 1/2 the downgrades. When Corp got the request, they nixed the remaining downgrades and approved all the upgrades.

    The next year, we finally pushed thru about 1/2 our initial request for downgrades. So it's unlikely it will occur.
  14. trplnkl

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    But if the downgrades come from the top, the rest of the process would get circumvented. No?
  15. brownmonster

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    The biggest obstacle to this companies long term growth is it's own management.
  16. beentheredonethat

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    Danny indicated his center mgmt team put in the request for the downgrades. Relatively speaking.. That's the bottom. That request goes to Dist IE and Dist BD then to Region IE\BD, then to corp IE\BD\Marketing.
  17. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    I understand that is the normal process for this sort of thing, if the center is asking for a break in the commit times. In our center the DM came in at the start and set up way too many 10:30 and noon commits that could not logically be obtained. In fact a few of the noon commits were all but impossible to do because of the time we received our air. My point is that IF corporate feels the need to downgrade the commit times, it's a done deal regardless. I'm talking about in general, not about a specific center or division.
  18. dannyboy

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    As per your post, and something I heard one of the gay activists say about gay marriage, time is on our side.

    You pester and push something long enough, it will get done.

    Shame when the minority can push through their own agenda for the down grading of both our service and this country's morality by pestering and persistence and feel good about it by calling it the right thing to do.


  19. moreluck

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    It's like the voters overturn something and the losers keep trying to change the vote. Makes my vote seem worthless.:sad-little: