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    Well, of course I was disappointed after having read the title......but only for a moment. This clip was really interesting. There were some good ideas for fancy bowling balls! (jk)

    How could anyone deny the existence of a higher power when watching something like this? Just trying to fathom the intricacies of the placement of all those planets and stars is mind boggling.

    Thanks for my morning devotional! :happy2:
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    irrelevant :wink2:
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    Thank you:happy2: I was almost starting to miss being harassed for doing that.:bow:
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    I'm not sure how you or anyone else can, but wrap yourself in a devotional around this concept. After jettisoning the Disney idea of "Black Holes" as some type of doorway because science said they were nothing more than crushing singularities, now we're back to doorways and multiple universes again.

    This stuff is getting so complex that I think I'm just gonna go back to the bible just for simplicities sake. Sure, I know it's myth and not true but damn these scientists are worst than fundamentalist who try and split hairs as to who will live where in heaven. At least the fundamentalists have a limit of 2 options! Up or down.

    It is kinda funny how some secular scientists will bemoan religion for so many flavors when from a certain POV they are doing similar things. The majesty and awesomeness of the universe may in the end be so immense that whether religion or science, it's just not meant for us to ever explain nor understand. But I'll still try!
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    Now the questions remains, is there intellegent life out there .
    I think ofcourse so !

    Have they ever visited this planet ?
    I think they have, too.
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    You wanna come here and discuss the issue, great, come on, ask or propose any question or idea you like but consider this:


    As to your question of intelligent life, can't prove it but it's hard for me at least to not think it is highly possible. Good question!
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    Too late, you need to think about your posts before you post...and you wonder why you two go back and forth all the time....:peaceful:
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    We'll never find out if there's intelligent life because Obama is not "space" friendly.
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    It just goes to show that Klein loves the abuse and is starving for attention.
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