Termination grievance


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Which is the case with pretty much everyone who is not a business agent, labor manager, Center Manager, or Steward.

I’ve went to numerous panels and came back back to the building after someone was terminated, and the rumors that were started without knowing the facts of the case were absolutely hilarious. Start explaining what actually happened and people are like oh that makes sense lol.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet almost all the players on both sides and while I disagree many times with the management side, I would never say either side is involved in cronyism or corruption.
With all respect......who would ever admit to corruption and cronyism? It's laughable. Even if you observed it......


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I have represented members at (literally) 1000's of Local level hearings, hundreds of State Panels, numerous

JAC Panels, and I am (+) 2/3.... at the National Panel. My experience speaks for itself.

I have sat on the (Union side) of panels at UPS and other industries.

I have never witnessed what @qdg2 has described.
Never witnessed corruption, cronyism in a Union? Lololololololol.........

Dude ......really?