Sketchy BA's?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by poopsup, Apr 3, 2014.

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    A friend of mine is a hub worker and he asked his BA when the driver bid sheets go out. The BA said once a year. Every October.

    That's BS. Its every April and October.

  2. MethodsMan

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    Probably didn't need to make a thread about it. I'm just dumbfounded why a BA would give out faulty information like this.
  3. atatbl

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    Have you told your local news station about this yet? If so, then escalate it Bloomberg, Thomson-Reuters, CNN, etc., etc.

    I lol'ed at your AV though!
  4. MethodsMan

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    Just looking out for a friend. A little disappointed.
  5. atatbl

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    He probably doesn't know any better. Most BA's are uninformed and lazy, IMO. Do you know for a fact that the BA even knows this information?

    If you do, then it's not surprising that a BA would be sketchy. Probably the norm.
  6. MethodsMan

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    Not sure. But, when you're paying your dues I don't think its right that an employee is getting faulty information that could cost him that highly sought full time job within the company.
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    I've got nothing but praise for my BA, knows the contract better than anyone. Maybe it's because he's responsible for the wording in many important parts of it, including the 9.5 language that got me another check yesterday. This may be the last one for awhile as the new center manager seems to have gotten the message and my hours have been down to a reasonable level since I filed in early March.
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    You are fortunate. Better keep him.
  9. Your friend probably heard him wrong.
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  10. I never needed my ba to help me find a bid sheet or sign one. It is your responsibility to read the contract and keep up with what's going on.
  11. Jackburton

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    I asked a driver once when is next day air due by, he said 10:30. Later I found out that savers can be delivered end of day if residential, I hope that driver burns in hell for not knowing wtf he's talking about.

    Ama Right!!?!1