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  1. brownieworker

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    So I noticed my paycheck was off..... so I took my sup.. and checked to make sure I was getting my half hour set up time everyday for last week.. turns out I was shorted 1.05 hours..... Now I am :censored2: Ive been setting up for the past 3 months... what is my course of action here what can I do? Do I make them print out a sheet of my time for the past 4 months? Can they do that... I could be out like 200 bucks or more:angry::anxious:
  2. rod

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    Yes thet can do that. I guarantee if they had been over paying you for the last 4 months they would have a print out of that.
  3. Bagel

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    Yes, it will be documented.
  4. BryantheLion

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    It seems like P/T Sups never count the "set up" time. When my brother was working for UPS, they never added his 15 min time of setting everything up. He spoke with the Sup and they fixed it. Sad thing is, there was an old man doing this for years and never got paid his 15 min. My brother told him about it and everything was fixed.
  5. Top Fuel Friday

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    They should be able to submit a payroll adjustment no problem. Missing your setup person is probably one of the more common payroll adjustments, and it's a stupid mistake.
  6. kingOFchester

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    UPS screws the hourlies. Period. I get sent home B4 my 3.5 to see supes doing union work. Our preload full time sup talks down to us like we are slaves. Start time next week is 5:05am. Drivers leave at 8:20am. No one will see their 3.5.

    I also drive sat air. I come in at 8:15 to load my truck as instructed. They pay me my preload rate for that time until I click on the "out of building" on the diad. Then they start paying me my driver rate. Last week UPS saved .86 cents by playing with my time card like this. What will happen when my preload rate is higher then my sat air rate??? Bet they will then pay me for my entire time loading and driving on sat at my driver air rate. File for the .86....(bring home .60 cents). Not worth the time I spent keeping track of my hours.

    UPS is screwing us. I am tired of the games. I give 100% while respecting all those I work with and under. I do not get the same from UPS.

    File......sounds great, until they start putting the screws to you even more, like being moved from one part of the building to the other every other day.

    Had to vent.
  7. Highwayman

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    I mark down my hours every day. Its not that hard!:happy2:
  8. brownieworker

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    Good... I am so tired of this place I bust my ass 100% everyday.. not because I have to because I want to .. and this ***** happens...Yea I guess I will have to keep track of my time from now on
  9. ih8tbrn

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    Part time UPS is a ****ty job, with ****ty hours, and ****ty pay.
  10. backinbrown

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    But it can lead to a ###ty job with ###ty hours with great pay
  11. feederdriver06

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    Make sure you learn from your mistake(trust that someone else will be honest) and keep track of your hours. Part timers get taken advantage of constantly. As a feeder driver I am required by DOT regulations to keep track of my hours. Because of this, I never have a problem. My hours are right every week........... down to the last click.
  12. backinbrown

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    Do you punch a clock? or is it same as us punch the diad?
  13. feederdriver06

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    We punch in and out on an IVIS. I keep a paper log with an hours of service summary. Also ,I write down to the minute my time worked in my planner.
  14. gandydancer

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    UPS has the records. They had to go back years in the California Meal Break case, and did. File a grievance for back and penalty pay to get the recent records (45 days?) and if there's a pattern of behavior in that period file a complaint with your state's Wages & Hours to make them produce the rest.

    And don't ever fail to keep track of your hours again.
  15. rocket man

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    Write a greviance article 17 you want your pay and all late fees. money in the bank