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  1. i just started working in the preload at ups about 2 months ago. there's this guy that loads the normal 3 trucks on the stop bar. he is always ahead...stop bar clear, packages loaded, ect...and he just stands there and looks at the belt. people are talking about how much they hate him.

    if he's doing a good job, why do they hate him so much?
  2. HazMatMan

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    Do you mean he's a hustler?? Always ahead of his work, works quickly to maybe chill for a few minutes while the others are drowning in packages?? Do the others expect him to help them?? Maybe that's why they hate him so much, because he gets the job done and they "expect" him to help them but he doesn't..
  3. olympicking

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    They hate him because the preload is full of lazy people and working hard is not the norm anymore.
  4. clearly he needs another truck :wink:
  5. SmithBarney

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    He's working as directed..
    keeps his area clean,
    doesn't work out of his area,
    presumably loading properly...

    Unless the sup asks him to help someone
    he's doing his job, if you ask him for help with over 70's
    he'll help,

    Otherwise what do you want?
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  7. HazMatMan

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    I beg to differ, if everyone is doing the same amount of trucks and i'm busting my rump a little more so I can "chill a little bit" later, why should I be given more work???
  8. Harry Manback

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    What's that smell?? Oh, it's a troll...
  9. it was sarcasm lol :tongue_sm
  10. LKLND3380

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    Same amount of trucks is one thing...
    Same amount of stops DOES NOT equal same amount of packages...

    One 1/2 full 500 could have the same amount of stops as a blown out 1000...

    Now go pull that split/add/cut
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    Well, you've only been there two months so don't yet understand the ups and downs of the company. This guy might just be a no-nonsense worker who likes to keep his area clean. No shame in that.

    He may also be a butt-suck who has easier trucks.

    Best thing is do work as directed, safely and as best you can and not worry about other employees. Watch and learn from this guy if you can whether you like him or not. Must be he knows what he's doing.

    Resentment and obsession over another employee will only take away from your own good work. It will also give you a pretty bad reputation if you complain about him. dw
  12. HazMatMan

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    Oh, my bad, like the Yanks.:w00t:
  13. lost

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    I have to agree, I have a wonderful preloader who came in with a great attitude over a year ago no matter what was asked of him it was "Yes ma'am or sir" But I was always careful not to over work him, he had 4 cars of his own, left his area to help with over 70's presorted for his neighbor no questions asked and I did not have to ask him to do any of it. Well when I was moved to the other side of the boxline his new sup started moving him more than he already was, he got discouraged and started having attendance issues, well he has moved to my side and is at work everyday and happy, still helps with over 70's and is still the first one wrapped and out the door, I cant say he has light cars because there is only 1 other person who can wrap that area. However I have a guy thats been around 13 yrs and with light cars and will help but only after trying to argue and sometimes I have to get my full timer involved. Other wise he will go BS for a little bit and hide, but wraps when he is supposed to While this guy has some valad points about staffing I cant control how many people I am givin to run with, this guy has seen the days when everyone did their job and no one had to help some sorry POS that crashed everyday on purpose.
  14. Griff

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    I've had it up to my hairline with the management on preload. These people are stealing from UPS, they should just give back their paychecks. 99% of them all have the same "i just want to get through today" mentality that disgusts me to no end. They do nothing proactive to make tomorrow easier, it's tough to believe people can be this worthless and incompetent.

    Three weeks ago they decided to take 30 stops off my route and replaced those with 40 stops that aren't so far out of the way. Wow, I'm fine with tightening up a trip but the morons never re-SPA'd the shelves. The outcome of this has been three straight weeks of two entire shelves with nothing on them, followed by the worst loads I've ever layed eyes on. I'm done complaining to management about it, I'll just use it as an excuse to stay out even later.

    Eat my offtopic rant.
  15. lost

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    OK I'll bite.... did you go talk to the dispatch sup?? I know its not normal but ours actually listens and moves the stuff according to what will help the driver. Also I an a preload pt/sup I also go talk to the dispatch sup my self and tell him we have empty shelves. Theres been a couple of times he had every thing spa'd to the 1,000 section.
  16. maybrown

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    I hope he should load my route.

    I am not happy with my preloader. Too many missorts or loading to wrong shelf. He makes my day more miserable.
  17. cheussy

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    Griff just ask your dispatch supe to recalc the shelves. That takes about 3 secs and will fix the problem.
  18. SameRightsForAll

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    I'm a stop-bar preloader. Sometimes I hustle and stay ahead and take 15-20 seconds to "look at the belt" or whatever, but it's a rarity. Lately I've been swamped so bad with everybody's crap they miss as well as missorts that I feel like I deserve the occasional mini-break if you can really call it that. Even then I'm walking or moving about staying aware of situations or reviewing the inside of my cars to see if anything needs improving. You can't do much of that if you stay behind.

    When I was on the sort isle in my earlier days I would outsort the other guys in belief that I had to while they slowed down and watched me pull double the weight back there. I remember thinking of all of them as slackers yet there was nothing anybody did about it to make sure everybody pulled exactly the same "weight" to be fair. No, it was a choice to slack or not.

    The same choice is being made by some preloaders up the belt who watch 5 or 8 heavy packages go right by while pretending they don't notice, or they're spending too much time in their cars on purpose. That's the kind of stuff that the stop-bar buys have to deal with every single day, so cut them a little slack, as they are doing their work, and some of the work of 2 or 3 guys up the belt. :)

    Envy is probably what the other guys are doing instead of actually hating that person? I dunno.