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    I wear steel toes so I have to spread em and get wanded every night when leaving. I don't have a problem with that, but tonight the security guard made me unzip my coat. Okay, I'm fine with that. Then he asks me to unzip my hoodie I have underneath. It's 3 am and I just wanted to go and I tell him "are you kidding me?" and unzip it anyway and just for good measure I lift up my shirt. I'm guessing he didn't find it funny because when he wanded me the thing started lighting up when he waved it over my crotch area and he asked why it was going off there. I guarantee he was pressing a button to make it go off because I wasn't smuggling anything out and I was wearing windpants that don't even have a zipper there. So I'm standing there for about 10 seconds staring at this idiot wondering what's going to happen next and I tell him to try it again and this time none of the lights on the wand went off so I walked out. I'm not sure if this mouth breather was trying to be a funny guy or what but if this continues could this be considered harassment or not?
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    Goto your LP person and make your complaint ASAP. Also the videotape of the incident should be on their surveillance (sp?). Next time you are harrassed, leave. At that point, You have informed LP, who is their boss ( regardless of the hiring agency they are likely employed) of the problem and unless that guard is dealt with you will just leave the guard shack next time you feel harrassed.
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    Welcome to BrownCafe, Pennywise!

    The security guard sounds like he has issues, and I agree with everything Sleeve suggested. It definately sounds like some weird sexual harassment thing.
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    Now they can call you "Wander Crotch".:happy-very:
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    Give the guard a break. After a stressfull career of maintaining order at the local mall and later as rent-a-sheriff at the local picnics he is a little jumpy.
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    i think for the most part, the security guards ups has are the bottom of the security barrel when it comes to being a person.

    they might be able to do the job, but their people skills suck package car exhaust. its no wonder they failed the assignment at the mall.

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    WOW your guards speak ENGLISH
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    :rofl::rofl:That's freaking hilarious!!
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    We had a new guard once who insisted on wanding everyone. One of our drivers was a very large-bosomed black woman who would set the detector off with her underwire bra, and this skinny geeky little white boy made the mistake of deciding that he was going to wave his wand over her chest.

    Well, he picked the wrong woman to bother with that nonsense. She let him have it. Im not trying to perpetuate any ethnic stereotypes here but I think we have all encountered the Large Loud Angry Black Woman. She tore this little geek a new one and sent him crawling away with his tail between his legs. I laughed so hard that I nearly peed myself. He put his wand away and never bothered anyone with it again.:whiteflag:
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    you guys are lucky. we have no security. customers walk in and out of our center, in between trucks on load platform. its hard to find a spot to park when i get to work customers are parked all over. when i need to leave the building have to get 2-3 customers to move so i can get pkg car out. and they are rude about that. the driver they are their for says im almost done.
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    Hmmm......What's a security guard? I'm glad we don't have them, because I don't want anything or anyone in between my car and the timeclock at quitting time.
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    Our guard during preload is actually a nice guy. You could stop and have a little chat about sports if you wanted.

    Sometimes, he puts the sign "Guard on patrol" up and go warm up his Hungry Man in the break room. Extremely entertaining.
  13. one day I had to pick up a diad board from my center before I did driver helper. I was in my browns and all, once i got to the bldg I called my manager and he stated that it was in the guard shack. (ok cool )I walk to the shack and guard he said hello Aaron how are you today I told him I need to pick up the diad that the supp left for me. he said ok it right here then he stated do you have your ID ,I looked at him like what did you say and he said I need to see your ID. I told him it was in my car and he stated I had to get it before he can give me the board. so i walked all the way back to the car to get it and showed him. he said that the camara had to show he seen it.
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    2nd place - longest single sentence ever written.

  15. :whiteflag:
    Your right, sorry just lazy today :dead:
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    what is bottom of the security barrel exactly?

    MOST security guards dont really do anything at all.....either walk around, sit aroudn or drive around for the whole shift....many are lazy, and have no motivation and thats why they work for $9 an hour

    i should know, i use to be one :happy2: (part time while i worked at my ups freight job part time)

  17. :surprised: what do you think people make in your hub ?????? and they do alot of work in a few hr for less then $9 just starting so may be we should become a security guard:sad-very:

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    We THANK YOU Mr. Corrects people's punctuation/grammar on a forum site. Without you, The readers wouldn't know what was said, what was explained, and more importantly the difference between a colon and semicolon. You hand out gladiator justice without an english teacher's income. THANK YOU

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    At our hub, we have the gambit of security guards. Theres the ones who wave the wand over you once and are like meh whatever. Then theres the other ones who do everything to you except a rectal exam.

    Onetime i signed up for a TCF account and got a free plastic pig with it. I put it in my hat as i do my keys, badge and water bottle and put it to the side along with the documents. The lady is like excuse me, where did you get that plastic pig from? Im like uh from inside... and shes like and how did you get this? im like uh... i signed up for an account and got one... shes like i need to speak to my supervisor about this NOW! everyone else being wanded was like c'mon there giving them away in there for free!

    I wanted to yell out i got a pig and im not afraid to use it, but eh. Anyways, she had to call down her supervisor who said, yeah its fine, then walked away. Oddly enough i havent seen her since.
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    Our current security goes off the hook if yu stray away from normal "how you doing, have a good evening" conversation. he thinks everyone is out to get him. ifyou beep going through the big metal detector eh will then wand over your belt buckle and jusst mutter "Buckle!" and allow you to pass go and collect $200.