Sleep Deprivation?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Browngetsugly, Sep 16, 2007.

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    hello all, I'm new here. :) Anyone have serious problems sleeping after late nights of work? I can no longer get my proper sleep, except on the weekends when I don't have to work, and its screwing me up pyshically and mentally. I get serious headaches after my sleeps in the morning and I've been taking vitamins to help ease the pain, I've only started to recently take these btw.

    Can anyone tell me what they do before they head to work (preload shift)? Like, how many hours of sleep you get, what you eat before leaving etc, any tips would be appreciated? I think I'm losing my mind when losing all this sleep. I've been doing preload for 2 years btw.
  2. My body eventually got used to 4-6 hrs of sleep at night before the shift then a 1-2 hr nap following it during the day. I average about 7 hrs of sleep now, 6 before the shift, 1 hr nap (or longer if I am really worn out or if I didn't get that much sleep during the night lol) before classes depending on the day. It took me a good 3 months when i was first hired to get used to it (which doesn't include peak...god that was hell my first year).

    You may want to look at sleep aids, just make sure you go to sleep early enough for them to wear off. If this has been going on for two years it might be time to put those bennies you bust your butt every mon-fri for to work for you. I don't eat anything big before the shift, a granola bar usually and a bottle of water. I'll usually be up for an hour or so when I get home and then pass out. This works for me but your mileage may vary. Speaking of, time for bed for this fellow preload shifter. I'm up way past my bedtime watching the pats and sox games :thumbup1:
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    After a long day on the road beer works wonders for me.
    I always sleep well.
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    Must be a Canadian thing there DS. Same thing works for me.
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    Browngetsugly, Welcome to the Brown Cafe!

    My biggest problem is trying to get to bed earlier. I started working the Midnight Sort as a Senior in High School,and I used to fall asleep in class the next day. As a Package Driver, I started doing EAMs, which means I get up at 4:30AM instead of 6:30 like I used too. I need to go to bed about 9 or 10 the night before, but there are too many distractions, like the Internet, a good movie on TV, or my lovely wife. We all need to get the right amount of sleep. I am too undisciplined to force myself to go to bed earlier like I know I need to. I am usually worn out by Thursday. When you are young, you think you are indestructible and don't need rest. I know that is untrue now.
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    When I worked the preload I had the same problem with sleep & it started to ruin my social life. Preload hours always change depending on volume. I had no problem getting for work, I'm not one to hit the snooze button though. The sound of the alarm clock is so annoying to me I get up on the 1st buzz. My diet at the time was horrible, coffee & a donut in the morning at work, sometimes a Red Bull, then whatever I could get out of the snack machine, not to mention the chain smoiking cigerettes on break. My problem was falling asleep, at work I'd think about how tired I was & wish I could go home to go back to sleep. Then I'd get home & not be able to fall asleep. Eventually I got off the preload & went driving & now I sleep better but really a good stretching helps to knock me out. I've been trying Tai Chi for a few weeks now & it really helps me sleep good & turns my brain off so I can pass out. Im saying that that kinda holisitic sh** is for you but my body does feel a lot more relaxed after I stretch out & take some deep regulated breaths.
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    I'm with those Canadians. Have a couple o' beers.
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    It's hard to shut down the mind and body after putting in a long day. For me to get a good night sleep I have to take Lunesta twice a week. And for all those other days that I don't take it I will be up around 3am wishing I would have took a sleeping pill. Some might not agree with pills but, when you cant sleep and have to work long hours on no sleep it's just plain miserable
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    That right DS. I drink beer. Coors Light. My favorite. It helps me to wind down. I do notice as I get older I sleep less and less. Doctors say you lose that chemical or it decreases as you get older that makes you sleep. Anyhow, I guess you'll get all the sleep you need when they put you in that old pine box and bury you 6 feet under. Hey , I heard now you get half off on the price if they bury you only 3 feet under. Hmmmm, I might get cold. Hey not to change the subject. Who's here is going to be cremated. Im starting to warm up to the idea. Just something to think about. ( ;
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    Here is my problem. I sleep pretty well during most of the week. But I got out every friday and saturday night until 2 am and I drink 10-12 beers each night. So come sunday night I have trouble falling asleep. In some cases I will take tylenol PM on sundays just to get to sleep, but come monday morning the pills make me feel like absolute crap. After a hard day's work on monday I have no problem falling asleep monday night.

    Conversely, if you have trouble sleeping you are NOT supposed to drink alcohol. I know this, if I have 1 or 2 drinks it screws up my sleeping pattern. 1 or 2 beers will make me grogy and I can fall asleep at 9 but I will be up at 230 am and can't get back to sleep.
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    sleeping does not get any better when you leave big brown. retired for 7 years still have nightmares about the place.
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    God, don't tell the doctor/nurse about the Lunesta when you get your DOT phys. They'll put you in rehab. I know a driver who got his DOT revoked for admitting that he occasonally took Tylenol PM. Oh, and whatever you do, don't admit to flatulating in your sleep. They'll write you up with a nasty case of sleep apnea and you won't work for months.:ohmy:
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    Go to walgreens and buy a bottle of melatonin.

    Take it about 20 mintues before you want to crash, turn off the lights, tv music, etc and lay down. You'll get some pretty good sleep and it's a natural chemical already produced in your body. Helped when I started the night shift, going to bed at 4am can really throw your sleep off
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    Dude!! Hound. Its 2:00 am(eastern) and I can't sleep. Anyhow, what are you doing taking tylenol after a heavy night of boozing. Hey side note, do you get many or any phone numbers from the ladies at "The Club" on your night out. LOL Back to the tylenol and booze. Don't you know UPS pkg cars aren't equipped with a diaylsis machine(blood purifier). Think Hound Think. KIDNEYS. Go to my thread "support" and find out more.( Hi More). Hound you don't want to spend your 59 minutes and 60 seconds lunch at a diaylsis center. Hmmmmm, second thought it could be worth it. Especially, if you have a hot nurse like Aspen. HOUND!, pass me the bottle of tylenol and a 40 (mL)(Big ass Beer) to wash it down with. Also be careful of Diadlover(jealous). (area 43 whispering) Hey hound you didn't hear this from me. I think Diad and Aspen(a43 looking around and over shoulder) are having some, well you know , some extra curricular playful activities on the side. perphaps. wink wink ( :