Sleep walking into Armageddon

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Jun 4, 2012.

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    And in North Carolina, the state legislature wants to pass a law forbidding anyone to use anything other than linear extrapolation to forecast sea level rise. I can't figure out why, but it seems that the real estate moguls don't want anyone raining on their parade of homes down on the beach....

    I think we should pass a Federal Law forbidding any construction that is less than 6 feet above mean high tide at any coastal location. And voiding any Federal flooding insurance if that isn't met. I'm pretty sure the homeowner's insurance companies won't care which method is used to forecast sea level rise, they will have actuaries smart enough to not write policies on beaches.
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    How about the federal and state gov't say that from here on out, if you build along the beach front and surge plain, no taxpayer money in any form will be used should your property become overwhelmed by the forces of nature. But any damage or debris from your property should a storm occur, you as property owner will be responsible for the clean up and and debris that leaves your property.

    If the full burden then falls to private insurance and true market forces, the real costs may prevent much of the waterside development, building and construction we see along all the coastlines. Stop subsidizing and let all the risks fall on the owner and owners may think again about where and when they build stuff.
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    I love that idea. I'm so sick and tired of the Ayn Rand/John Galt brigade yapping about 'takers', while lined up six deep at the government teat for their little pleasure palaces. NO SUBSIDIES!