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  1. UPS has a new trick and everyone needs to be aware.
    In my building, they convinced the assistant union steward to ride with management for a day to do "safety observations".
    They then go out and write up employess and have the steward sign as a witness!
  2. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    They have done this in our building too. The difference is, our steward certainly would not sign as a witness! You guys gotta get rid of this guy as a steward.
  3. mattwtrs

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    Good way for the steward to have a easy day. The on area observations have always been reviewed with the driver the same day usually right after it happened. The review included the good things along with the areas that need improved in my case.

    What gets ugly is when some staff member from the District or Region happens to observe a driver doing something unsafe or stupid and calls the driver out on it!
  4. rod

    rod retired and happy

    UPS sneaky? I've never heard of such a thing:happy2:
  5. Fnix

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    How come I dont see other companies following employees around?
  6. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I've seen the mailman being followed by his sup often. The sup follows right behind him in another car.
  7. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    this has been going on at the last building I worked at. he wasnt a steward but on the saftey committee. guys a driver, 2 out of 5 days a week he would be sitting around the office shooting the &(** with the oms's. once in a while hed go out with the center manager or DM and follow around drivers looking for violations.
  8. freeloader

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    If you're out driving around yapping on your cell phone with the bulkhead door open, then you deserve to be caught and written up for it.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    In other words, if you are following the methods you have nothing to worry about. If you are not ...

    I believe we had this same discussion concerning GPS and discipline resulting from GPS data.
  10. UPS Lifer

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    I am real confused by your statement. I am not sure how you would even know if some unknown person were following someone else.

    Are you sitting on a park bench or in sitting in a mall or at an empty desk in a business for 8 hours observing one employee???

    Have you worked at a bunch of other companies where no employee accountability is in place???

    You can't be doing this on company time because observing people takes a concentrated focus and in a task oriented job such as UPS driver that would be hard to do.

    Help us to understand how you came to your astute observation....
  11. atatbl

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    LOL. Let's take it further Lifer. I believe his statement is absolutely accurate. I truly believe he doesn't recognize employee accountability in other businesses OR the multi-million dollar enterprise that is held by secret shoppers (which is when people get really screwed by surprise). Given that, I doubt he notices much of anything regarding business adminstration.
  12. barnyard

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    Evidently you have not been near the post office, or railroad, or public works employees.

  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    This monitoring may not always be done in person but rest assured there are a lot of companies that monitor their employees.
  14. BrownSuit

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    I'm thinking the thing that we really have to look out for is trolls that don't register and like to stir the pot. That's SNEAKY in my book!

  15. cachsux

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    What`s with mgmt always worrying about people registering? Can`t you just track us with the chips in our heads?
  16. chev

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    I'm thinking you are right.
    You can still sign up and not be known. Just don't give any personal information out on the site and you will have no problems. Some people are just too paranoid........duhhhhhh
  17. toonertoo

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    They get tired following me around:happy2: I think they are just trying to learn to be as good as me.
  18. stevetheupsguy

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    I hope no one figures out who I am. As for people following me around? Have at it, I say. I do the joband I may not go absolutely by "the methods", but the job gets done. By that I mean the pkgs get delivered, no one gets killed/:censored2: at me and I get home safely. Usually, the only people that I know of that don't like to be followed, are the ones that have something to hide. For instance, if you're yapping on the cell phone all day or driving like an idiot. Other than this, you really have nothing to worry about. BTW, if you are yapping on that phone all day, you may want to consult a therapist. I think you may have some sort of independence issue. And to the guy/gal that thinks cutting in and out of traffic and other maniacal driving is how we get the job done, think again. That's how people die and jobs get lost. Remember, Every car you pass and person you speak to is a potential sales lead. Don't give these people a bad first impression! Nuff Said!!!..............sorry for the rant.:dissapointed:
  19. Channahon

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    Correction - UPS and the Union have approached the safety issues at UPS together. First and foremost the safety of all employees. Methods and procedures implemented to ensure the safety of our employees. Do the job by the methods and procedures and you should be fine. And I have done a ton of rides in my day, and you know who does the job effectively, and those who buck the system. Do yourself a favor and do the job as trained, and if you have concerns, ask for retraining.
  20. under the radar

    under the radar A Trained Professional

    UPS has a perfect right to monitor my work. As much as a forman in a factory has a right to look on to see if work is being performed properly. I don't have a problem with that as long as they keep paying me.

    The thing that sticks in my craw is having the head of the safety committee riding along with the business manager as he did in our center. He is not in a management position and therefore has no right in my mind to monitor my work. Who is monitoring HIS work? There is some sort of conflict there in my mind.

    The other thing that bugs me is that we were not informed in advance. They should have explained what they were doing and why. I get to the stop sign at the end of the road from our center and there are the business manager and the safety committee guy sitting in a car a few hundred yards off, apparently watching to see if we come to a complete top and look left right left. If the boss wants to watch me without telling me in advance and he is by himself or with other management that's fine! It doesn't seem right for him to do so with one of my peers in the car with him. It just doesn't pass the smell test.