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    Friday was my first day in the snow, had my rear sliding all over. And slid down a long hill. It was scary, Im tempted to call out on Tuesday, we are expecting 5 inches. But I have to face it sooner or later.
    Do chains help at all? And if you get stuck in snow and need to get pulled out, does it count as an accident? help!
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    Protect yourself and the public, ask for someone to ride with you or better yet demonstrate how to handle the car on bad roads. Chains are great for traction if don't drive too many miles but they are noisy and can make you braver than you should be. Walking off a stop is always better that getting stuck. If it is too far to walk then it's time for an alternate delivery location. Use other non delivery, emergency condition.
  3. to the pros.

    Get stuck or in an accident = get fired or suspended for most
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    what kind of pkg car is it ? I have a p800 and its good in the snow IF YOURE CAREFUL...something I forgot to do once.No chains allowed here in Canada...basically,dont back into any dock you may not be able to get out of,drive in accordance with the conditions and dress warm.
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    Im in a p-1000. Im still getting used to driving standard let alone driving one in the snow. Only been driving a little less than 1 month now. Taught my self in the center parking lot, with the center mechanic giving me dirty looks for buring out his clutch's. lol
    Im gonna have to game up and try my best.
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    the problem is you get used to driving in ideal conditions, snow is usually only a problem the day it snows, road crews clear it usually by the next day, ajust your speed and don`t back into docks and get rady for OT. I`ve had 30 years of driving in the stuff and it still freaks me out the first 2 or 3 snowfalls