snowy mess

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by moreluck, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. moreluck

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  2. tieguy

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    yep. I think we ended up with well over a foot of snow.
  3. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I'd say here we're closing in on a foot, and it's still coming down hard.
    Man, am I glad this came on a weekend!
  4. opie

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    I like it, I am a snow lover. We had about 17" here, while NYC set a record with 26.9". Coming off last month where we barely had any snow and had record warmth. This month will be the opposite, cold & snowy!:clap:
  5. DS

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    I feel for you guys,we got about a foot last week,but all in all its been way warmer here than it should be.I`ve Lived near Toronto all my life and the snow and the nasty cold is nowhere near as heavy as it was 10 years ago.Too weird.
    I used to have to take my break to thaw out my feet,now I`m ok with 2 tshirts a ups shirt and a vest...I like global warming...although it may get weird for the young-uns in the future...
  6. quebec_driver

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    buy yourself some RUBBER BOOTS, don`t use synthetic, dress in layers, always wear a hat 40% to 60% of body heat leaves from the head. I wear a Tshirt a shirt and my jacket, i`ve been comfortable most of this winter
  7. wily_old_vet

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    Official total where I live was 22". Ok now lets get to spring!
  8. opie

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    We had Spring last month. :flowers: Old Man Winter is late this year, but he will come back with a vengence! An artic blast is coming later this week, expect below freezing temps across the country.:punk:
  9. afups

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    Some snow in the Tahoe area but life here in the Sacramento area is tough. Yesterday it was 72 and sunny and then the winds started up and it dropped to 70. Had to put a sweater on. Hope I can go back to shorts and sandals today.
  10. wily_old_vet

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    Kiss my ::censored2:: lol
  11. quebec_driver

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    not nice