So.....WHY R We discussing 2013 Healthcare Concessions...with THIS NEWS

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by InsideUPS, Apr 23, 2013.

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    From Cheryl's News Post -

    “The fastest growing marketplace in the U.S. and in many markets around the world is e-commerce,” Subramaniam said. “More shopping is going online, and the services required are different. Our service is a very customer-centric offering.”

    The number of U.S. online shoppers is expected to increase to 192 million in 2016 from 167 million last year, Subramaniam said. FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS My Choice may help both shippers capture more online retail business, which is forecast by Forrester Research Inc. to grow 13 percent to $262 billion this year."

    Personally, my vote on this contract will center around our healthcare benefit package. Most non-economic issues are basically meaningless at UPS. Any reduction in healthcare benefits is not acceptable. I will not be mislead by issues or statements such as Obamacare, "everyone is paying for benefits", our healthcare package is showing up as a liability for the company's balance sheet, etc....

    UPS is a PHYSICAL job which requires excellent top of the line healthcare. You certainly can not count on Workers Comp to resolve injury claims at UPS. I have witnessed many times where a worker will turn the injury in as a disability claim rather than fight for Workers Comp. UPS hires lawyers that specialize in fighting Comp claims....

    UPS, Hoffa, hall......... Please know that I will VOTE NO on ANY reduction of healthcare benefits from what I am currently receiving. And yes, I will evaluate co-pays, deductibles, prescription benefits, vision, etc...... considering that I am retiring in 8 months.... I will also be looking at what we retirees will be paying also.... I am NOT interested in having Central States cover my healthcare....retiree or otherwise...
  2. over9five

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    I agree. Any reduction in healthcare benefits OR any copay of any amount will get a "No" vote from me.
  3. rudy5150

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    Its time for HOFFA and hall to come through for us Atleast ONCE!!!!! Just be prepared to vote NO even though they will claim its a historic win for teamsters and END part time poverty !
  4. ups hero

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    Agreed.. Just because we might get free benefits doesn't mean they are good. No way will I vote yes if we have to pay high premiums , reduction in bennies. On top of that never see our TURKEYS again...that's BS!! Retirees deserve the benefits. They put the time in and deserve them. I will fight for them as much as I will fight for myself on this contract.
  5. opie

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    There is no reason for any concessions on our side. We shouldn't pay not one penny more for benefits. Even for retirees, we all we be retired some day. Watering down retiree benefits will affect us too when we retire.
  6. Atomic_Smurf

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    Voting NO on this contract won't repeal Obamacare & all of the taxes, penalties & other consequences of the legislation that are securing our downgraded healthcare plans.
  7. mintlp

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    I'm glad to see these posts on this thread. Please spread the word to all teamster members that this Health Care issue is worth fighting for!! If they don't realize the importance of this proposed concession...they are sleeping!!
  8. HEVdriver

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    Why should we have to pay anything for our healthcare when the company is posting record profits and the stock is at an all time high.
  9. Xexys

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    Glad to see some people with good sense. Since retiring in Feb. 2011, I've enjoyed my life with my pension. Only paying $50 a month for damn near the same benefits I enjoyed for 30 active years of work is fine for me. After receiving a letter last December that I would have to pay $750 a month come the end of this contract, I was distraught. How can my benefits that I worked so hard for go away like this? For those of you that are mathematically inclined, yes that's 15 times the amount. Over one fifth of my retirement income will go for healthcare? Insane I say. While working those 30+ years I ALWAYS voted for retirement bennies knowing that some day I would retire. I hope every active employee votes in favor of NO HEALTHCARE reform. And yes, a fellow retiree turned me on to this website, and I know this is my first post!
  10. anonymous4

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    It would be nice to see more communication around work time. PT are out of the loop in large numbers. How many hubs/shifts are represented on BC? Is it hard to open a dialogue with co-workers?

    The part timers I work with know squat and don't care. Something about a strike?

    My entire career is potentially being steered by a bunch of burnouts.
  11. Anonymous 10

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    What local are you from?????????????
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    [h=5]Let Mr Hoffa and Mr hall
    Know How you Feel
    Have everyone in your Family send them a Letter

    Contact Us

    Please be advised that if you have a matter of importance that you would like addressed in an official manner you need to write a letter to the address provided below.

    When communicating with the IBT, please be sure to include a return address so that a reply can be made. Also include your local union number, if applicable.

    The IBT Shipping Department will not accept packages/letters from non-union carriers. Such mail will be refused and returned to sender. Acceptable carriers are United Parcel Service (UPS) and the United States Postal Service.

    Please use the Division and Department descriptions to help you determine the appropriate recipient of your letter, as well as reviewing the areas of responsibility of the General President and the General Secretary-Treasurer. While most departments and divisions have corresponding email addresses, please note that the General President and the General Secretary-Treasurer cannot be communicated with electronically.

    Proper Forms of Address:
    General President James P. Hoffa
    25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20001


    General Secretary-Treasurer hall
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters
    Office of the General Secretary-Treasurer
    25 Louisiana Avenue, N.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20001

    (202) 624-6800[/h]
    Join the Facebook page
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    I agree with you 100%..I thought like you over the years and now retired over 5yrs and:goodpost: the letter shocked me...Hey I live in the East Valley Neighbor..:youreright:
  14. PT Stewie

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    I just re-read the Central States C6 plan again it still sucks !!!
  15. No Syncro

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    I hope there are more people like you out there.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    Hope yours and other retirees healthcare costs are not as high as the letter states.
    ​That is a shock to your budget I'm sure.
  17. Fullhouse

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    Im glad you are willing to stand along side retirees because they will be getting hosed on Jan1, 2014
    Just read the first page on the retiree health care plan. Get ready to buy supplements!
  18. Inthegame

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    Paying the premiums UPS wanted would have been getting hosed. Just curious, how high do H&W costs need to be before retirees pay more? Do you feel retiree H&W should stay unchanged forever? Shouldn't then UPS be required to increase previously retired pensioners benefits because their cost of living rises?
    It's all a matter of dollars and how they're divided.
  19. Tough Guy

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    If they continue to report "record profits" and are still making money with the plans we already had, why should be have to "downgrade"? They don't have to magically increase anything that was already in place for previous retirees but we simply shouldn't have anything less than what was there before, unless the company wasn't making as much money. Otherwise, there should be no concessions made on our behalf.
  20. InsideUPS

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    Does anyone know what the yearly limits will be on the R6 plan starting January 1, 2014? Apparently, Central States was able to get a $200,000 yearly limit placed on the R6 plan through 2013. Depending on retiree coverage, UPS may want to start adding disabled/wheel chair parking spaces in their parking lots. I personally will have second thoughts about retiring if the retiree coverage is inadequate or too expensive. They can keep paying me my red circled rate, 7 weeks vacation, 2 option days, and a production pace that is appropriate for my age.

    UPS, make your life and our life much better by giving incentives for aging employees to leave with decent retiree healthcare. Do you really want us high paid less motivated employees around until we're 65 years old?