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    Just recently there were several package cars taken out of service at our center. the problem is they were some of our best cars!!! they had power steering, low step, wider cab and they had power!! they said they were going to get crushed. not sure if they literally are getting crushed or not but they had all the decals stripped and several misc. parts taken off. but lo and behold we still have several of the '60s models working in our fleet. (no power steering, step above the knee, weak motor). does anyone know how a decision like this could be made?
  2. brown bomber

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    could have been a major safety issue.....cracked frame perhaps, it's not the first time "decent " vehicles were removed from's happened before
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    Vehicles taken out of service (ADA'd) are crushed to ensure that they are not put back in to service which could pose a liability.
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    They are probably FordP1000s which are all being phased out due to high cost of parts.
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    It's my understanding that the hydraulic emergency brake parts were either nonexistent or ridiculously expensive.
    As always, if you want to know why, follow the money.

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    I read this the other night and heard it also. I walked in the next day and my p1000 ford is gone. Darn it. cause I heard the same about scrapping them. Went back to the shop to see if it was back there when i got back to building. Talked with the mechanic and expected the worst. He says "putting a new engine in it for you." I was like whoo hoo. Said what about scrapping the fords? He said not anymore. Weird.
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    Maybe they are going to send all the spare parts to your area cause it's a done deal. The verdict is A D A death penalty for the Ford p 1000.
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    I heard 117xx's are staying. Just hearsay not sure how true that info is.