Somebody Get Bail Money, I Got Us A Driver for the #88


lets see full 360 spin out going 100 plus mph. Ends up doing one spin, changing one lane and keeps going. Incredible!!


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It's called a P.I.T. Maneuver. I believe it stands for Pursuit Intervention Technique. I like to think it stands for "Poke In Tail" !! :)


golden ticket member chases in CA. are a form of recreational entertainment. When a car chase is happening on TV you must channel surf the local stations to see which news copter has the best angle of the chase. If you are with friends, you must start betting on the length of time 'til the perp. is flat on the ground. Got all your bets made? Now sit back and enjoy the excitement. I've only seen one where the perp. got away and that was on a motorcycle.

When a chase starts, I immediately sit in the recliner with my cool drink and don't answer the phone or door or the dryer buzzer. I'm totally zoned in on the chase. It always amazes me that they think they can run away from the police helicopter......real dummies and they deserve every extra minute they get in jail for running and endangering normal folks going about their daily routine.

TV ratings go up when these things are broadcast, so they continue to cover them. :detective


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Thank you, More. I have never watched a live police chase, but I will next time. I will also call you to wager, as you are my best car chase friend!