Someone please lie to me

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    Hey All, I just started as a Seasonal Driver Helper in Metro Detroit area. I've been looking through all these post and it appears that it is not possible to gain a full time Driver position starting this way. Can someone please lie to me and tell me there is a small shot? 1 in 1500?? Snowball in Hell? Anything?? lol
    After jumping 4 times, I will say I respect each and every one of you package drivers who have been doing this day in and day out for years. Dedication, thats all I have to say!
  2. I'll try....

    Nope, can't..

    I'm a UPS manager and we never lie.

    Let me try again.............nope, not gonna' happen
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    Ask your MGMT. Maybe they are up to their walk in position and you do have a shot. That would be the only way.
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    Hi tab and welcome to the BrownCafe!

    With unemployement in Detroit at 99% (slight exaggeration) be glad you got the seasonal job...Now get the hell out of Detroit...jk :funny: