Sonia Sotomayor

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, May 30, 2009.

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  2. over9five

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    But then again, this is disturbing.
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    Why is it that O wants everything done quickly ?
    What is he really afraid of, someone actually think for themselves ?
    I think it was Gen Patton who said when everyone is thinking the same, no one is thinking.
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    Yeah...I really want another judge that bases their decisions on emotion (typical liberal) and "their personal experiences" instead of The Constitution. And knowing that more than half of her rulings (60%) have been overturned is even more comforting. Yeah....she brings alot of experience to the table. Experience in getting overturned that is. This is just more proof that Obama is a socialist idiot. But hey.....they is the "Change" that "WE" voted for right? LOL! Wake up America!
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    But then again this is really disturbing

    Countdown with Keith OlbermannCountdown with Keith Olbermann

    If you don't want to hear Kieth O bark up a tree, just watch between the 4 1/2 and 6 minute mark ....

    A montage of slandering Judge Sotomayor amongst the Republican mouthpieces who don't vote on her appointment, has the weak knee'd Republicans who do vote cringing with the realization of how many more minority votes they will lose in 2010 if this keeps up....Keep it up "Ditto heads".
    Will the centralist, pro-inclusive Republicans ever stand up to the far right wing nuts of the GOP. Come on, hike up the skirts and grow a spine.....But then again, a jumpity jumpity hopped up oxycotin fat arse with a microphone might hurt somebodies feelings and political career.....:tt2:
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    MSNBC is such a great outlet for clear and fair politics. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Countdown with the Commie is probably their only show that gets any ratings at all and that's not saying much.
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    your post is as bizarre as Limbaugh accusing her of being a latin KKK nut.

    All your ramblings here fail to recognize that republicans do not follow limbaugh but listen to him as another news source. The reason they do so is because there really are very few conservative mouth pieces out there.

    I don't mind you mentioning rush limbaughs addiction to oxycotin as long as your balanced and also mention barney Franks addiction to the male appendage when you talk about him.

    Neither point is really relevant to political issues but yet the liberal left continues bringing up the guys addiction problems when they try to discredit his opinions.

    something to think about the left and that includes you is doing so much more to enhance Limbaughs career then the right has ever done.

    Nothing has changed for me or my friends. we rarely if ever listen to limbaugh. But yet who has suddenly vaulted Limbaugh back into the national spotlight none other then the liberal press trying to provoke some combative news stories.

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    I am against her nomination. I mainly base this on her handling of a reverse discrimination/ affirmative action lawsuit in New Haven, CT.

    I am completely against affirmative action and cannot support a judge who would rule as they think the way things should be rather than what the law actually states.

    And Diesel, the GOP wouldn't have self-destructed if they actually would listen to their members who are conservatives, rather than the middle of the road types running the show now (for example, McCain or Graham anyone?).

    Republicans who, when they could, increased the size, power, and debts of government, can surely not be considered conservatives.

    And they certainly cannot be considered "right wing".
  10. diesel96

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    What does Barney Frank being gay have to to with anything were talking about here ????....He has said zip, zero, nada, about the appointment of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court......He has not attacked her like the conservative mouthpieces who, lets face it, have no vote, and no say, but control the GOP.....and it's not just Rush.....So far we got quotes from the following ;
    Rush.....Rascist, bigot, angry women, hates white people
    Beck.....Hispanic chick lady, marxist, socialist, unintelligent, bully,
    Hannity....most activist in the history of the court
    Tancredo....Latino KKK w/o hoods and nooses
    Barnes......benefitted fron affirmative action
    Bennet......Benefitted from affirmative action
    Wendy Long....rascist and offensive
    Ann Coulter.....rascist
    Tucker Carlson....rascist

    Cable news and conservative talk radio has stooped to a new low... again, these folks talking it up with no rebuttles, just personal attacks....please, just come up with something more than Barney Frank's appendage...uggh...I'm trying to clear that thought from my head...:sick:
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    So far JJJ, your about the only one who has brung up one decent argument, rather than call her a rascist....

    Not just Sotomayor, but three federal appeals judges said last year the city had the right to reject the results of two tests because no black firefighters scored high enough. The ruling is now turning into perhaps the most contentious of the 4,000 Judge Sotomayor made in 17 years on the federal bench, and it is likely to come up in her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. The justices whom she may soon join on the high court are expected to rule within weeks on the case, which they took on an appeal by white firefighters.

    Not sure what you mean by conservatives rather than middle of the roads....perhaps give examples that are non destructive, inclusive and not related or supported the actions of the last eight years.....cause those were some pretty destructive years...
  12. Jones

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    Eh, most of this stuff is pretty ridiculous. Calling someone who graduated Summa cu-m Laude and at the top of her class from Princeton Law school "unintelligent"....if any of the folks making that comment actually had to discuss case law with Sotomayor in a public forum they would be in way over their heads in a hurry and probably wind up looking bad and feeling embarrased (assuming they're capable of that emotion)

    Tom Goldstein over at SCOTUS blog has gone over her record in discrimination cases and the charge of racism doesn't hold up. In one notable case she dissented from the majority in favor of a white bigot.

    I've disagreed with plenty of sumpreme court decisons, I'm sure that won't change. My biggest concern is that this will make 6 catholics on the court. Disturbing trend.
  13. tieguy

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    there you go again. The liberal is doing more for Rush's career then the conservative could ever do.:happy-very:

    I hope Rush is paying you for over stating his importance.:happy-very:
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    As a white male I am not offended by her comments. I think she is wrong and I pitty her but she is just a sample of what is to come from our socialist leaders in the future.

    I blame the Republican Party for her nomination. This was a party that left its conservative platform and spent our tax dollars like a kid in a candy store. Now it will be worse and soon we will be creating a very large voter base of people who think the purpose of government is to help them instead of helping themselves.

    So maybe this racist judge will be put on the Supreme court and maybe not. Whoever it will be I am sure has not read the Constitution, you don't need to when you are that liberal.
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    Wow!!! That was my first post!
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    And what an excellent post it was.
    I dont want a judge on the supreme court, or in my court that deals in feelings,I want judged on the rule of law. Period. Feelings and empathy, and walk a mile in my shoes crap isnt what a judge is suppose to do.
  17. Jones

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    Pop Quiz - Who said the following during SCOTUS confirmation hearings:
    "When I get a case about discrimination, I have to think about people in my own family who suffered discrimination because of their ethnic background or because of religion or because of gender. And I do take that into account." ?
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    :rofl:.....If the Geico caveman says ugh... Liberal bad, conservative good....ugh....That would be an excellant post to you.....:wink2:

    jonesy....Was that Scalia ???
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    I bet Glenn Knows!
  20. Scanthis

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    There are places for liberalism in our society but when it comes to the rule of law feelings cant get in the way. The word of law is in black and white and we have too many judges that think it is their job to legislate from the bench instead of distributing justice as our four fathers, our elected officials and therefore ourselves had intended.