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    So I've been on the sort isle for about 3 weeks now without having passed the test... (Finally took it and passed tonight since I had the time) but the shop steward said I should receive back pay for the previous 3 weeks since I've been up there doing the work even tho I had not passed the test. His reason was, they approve you to do the work, you get paid as a sorter. So now that I've passed the test, and been approved for the raise, is he correct in that I should receive the back pay? Not a super killer if not, but if he's right, I'd like to be paid accordingly. Who at UPS do I direct this at? Never had a pay issue before...
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    Umm how about a full time sup in your work area
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    You mean you're not running the show there yet?
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    Ohhh, you mean the biggest prick in the building that could give 2 shyts about what any of us make? Lol
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    Ohhh, you mean the biggest prick in the building that could give 2 shyts about what any of us make? Lol
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    **grammar police** :: whoop whoop::
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    Can you please refrain from commenting on my posts unless you have anything useful to say? It's kinda lame every time I post something, or ANYONE posts something, you just talk down to everyone like you're above everyone... Ohhh wait... You're a ft'er.. I get it.. It's in the job description.. Lol carry on..
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    Talk to your immediate supervisor.
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    **spelling police**
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    Bigger than you!!!
    Hard to believe.
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    You're not gonna get back pay. Your steward is talking out of his ass.
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    Thank you.. And thank you for actually replying on topic, about the topic.
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    You were doing a job and should have been paid for it. The company can not ask you to do a job and deny payment because of a test. They do owe you back pay. However, you may have to file a grievance in order to get it, and if that is the case you have to decide if the 3 weeks of back pay is worth pissing off management.

    Or you could do as I do and just keep asking in perpetuity untill someone pays you.
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    This is the way it has always been explained to me. The contract says nothing about taking a test to get the dollar, just working at the job. That being said, take this with a grain of salt. I never had to get the union involved with my fight for my dollar per se. I had them come to me and say, "if we give you the dollar will you drop the other stuff" to which i replied "yes ma'am".
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    Yea, were talking about $60 or so total.. Like I said, it's not about the money, but the principle of doing the job when asked too.. Def don't want to piss off management, cuz then I'll be stuck in irreg feeders all night.... That's def not worth it lol
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    The only people I talk down to are know it alls like yourself.
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