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    seeking advice again.
    So Friday I went out on my own after three days with sup.
    I decided to follow trace and I sorted all my house stops accordingly.
    After breaking off to do pick ups Orion changed the order on me so I spent time looking for packages.
    Do you recommend pulling the rear shelves toward the front when I sort or just reorganize the shelves and leave packages in their spa location?
    I know when I learn my area I won’t have to rely on Orion.
  2. You always pull your work towards the front of the truck unless it's big heavy packages, then you push them towards the rear door.
  3. WTFm8

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    LOL, you ALWAYS leave packages in SPA location. Te board tells you which location to go to.

    At which point are you sorting the stops to be in order? There’s no time for that
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    During my lunch break. I took 20 minutes to sort after my businesses and ten minutes after pick ups. So basically I’m sorting off the clock.
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    Common practice while qualifying... as soon as you’re qualified, dont touch any package or your DIAD.

    I sort the truck when I search for missloads around 12:30... to the point I even do low to high for the streets. Takes 10-45 minutes depending on quality of load that I started with.
  6. BigBrown87

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    Always keep the packages in SPA order that will never change regardless of Orion.
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  7. Feeder665

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    I agree with @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U

    As you work and deliver, you slide up your packages into your “30 inch” selection area. If shelf 2 is clear, take 30 seconds and scoot shelf 6 up and sort it in SPA order as you move it forward onto shelf 2. That way shelf 6 becomes shelf 2 and you can select it fast, and it’s in order. Shelf 3 becomes 7. 4 becomes 8. Etc.

    I got in the habit of moving them forward each time a shelf was clear, helped prevent me from working on breaks, etc as you only do a shelf at a time. Each person has their own way.

    Keep asking questions. As others have said in your other thread that got off the rails, own your mistakes. Show improvement, and you’ll make it as a driver.
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  8. Exactly
  9. Netsua 3:16

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    By the time lunch rolls around you should have enough space in there to not have to worry about orion having you bounce around shelves. I just sort everything in perfect hin order so I know exaclty where to go. Write down irregs on a dash sticker and leave them in the back for quicker access. Sometimes when I get to a quick resis neighborhood I'll line out 5-6 stops on the floor right in front of the door. Other than that just train yourself to sort everything in perfect hin order and you should have no selection time issues.
  10. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I pull the SPA labels off oversize packages that are loaded in weird areas and stick those on my dash so I can find them fast. You do need to stop and sort sections from time to time as soon as you can make some empty shelf space. You can lose a lot of time in the back of a package car hunting for packages.
  11. Old man! You can't remember??
  12. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I have to handle 200 packages a day, one day runs into the next. Sometimes I even have to pick up a box or two. Damn Call Tags!IMG_1323.JPG
  13. I do that all of the time too. I just stick my DIAD under the shelf and start scanning...

    Oh that 123 Elm St, now I remember