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    I am a loader and I work hard! I've been working there for 3 weeks and they say I work as if I've been there for 10 years. I want to become a sorter because they get out earlier... I hate to tell my supervisor that I have to go at 5:00 PM because I have a class. At that time, sorters/unloader are already done. Also, 1$ raise is a plus. Should I wait until my trial is over and then let my supervisor know that I want to be a sorter? How many skilled position are there?
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    when you say you work like you have been there 10 years do you mean you work slow and only do the bare minimum.
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    You don't have a trial if you're hired seasonal, which by all accounts you are. Besides, you need at least 9 months to put your name onto the transfer list for a different area. There are roughly 25-30 sorters until late November, when there are usually 35-40 sorters.

    Ask the sort manager (Ryan) for a sort destination sheet and show interest in becoming a sorter. Don't mention it is for your personal gain, at least try to make it seem like it's for their advantage ( as this is a super greedy company) And remember, they're all here reading this forum every day too and know who you are.

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    OK. That's a lot of sorters. It's just that in class, they pick the guy who is more talkative.. who answer the questions. I know this because in my class they needed 3 sorters so there were 3 smart people in the class and they got chosen. Or they choose random? Why can't I ask my supervisor? ^_^;;

    Oh, they read this? Good because I haven't done anything bad. Just that I've been asking so many question.. etc.

    Do you work at Chelmsford?
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    Because I used to work at a warehouse, I know how to play with the boxes. So, I am a loader and I did very good.. I think I did 200+ an hour on the first day.. and I was doing other stuff because it was slow. On the third day I think I did 300.. the volume was slow too. So my training told them that I work as if I've been there for 10 years. Also, they say I smile a lot and they like that. I don't know.. some manager said he hears good things about me. I am loading a slow one , he put me to do something slow.