Sources: David Abney may retire as UPS CEO

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    Sources: David Abney may retire as UPS CEO - Atlanta Business Chronicle

    Long-time UPS executive David Abney may soon join the growing list of retirements among prominent Atlanta leaders.

    Abney, who replaced Scott Davis as United Parcel Service Inc.'s CEO in September 2014 and as chairman in 2016, is expected to step down from his roles this month, according to multiple Atlanta Business Chronicle sources.

    Contacted Tuesday afternoon, a spokesperson for UPS declined comment for this story.
  2. Wilson1397

    Wilson1397 Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!

    Sounds like a good gig.........I’m submitting my resume.
  3. It's a full time job...
  4. Wilson1397

    Wilson1397 Half the lies they tell about me aren't true!!

    I’m not so sure it is........
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  5. rod

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    So how many millions will he get as a bonus for putting in a tough 4 and a half years?
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  6. Old Man Jingles

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    And Carol Tomé is his expected replacement.
    Carol has served as a director of United Parcel Service Inc. since 2003 and chairs UPS's audit committee.
    Tomé retired from Home Depot last August at age 62.
    The estimated Net Worth of Carol B Tome is at least $76.2 Million dollars as of 21 August 2019.
    Ms. Tome owns over 145,400 units of United Parcel Service stock worth over $43,431,529 and over the last 17 years she sold UPS stock worth over $32,434,880.

    UPS' annual shareholder's meeting is set for May 14.

  7. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    The cash grab is coming to an end. Abney and Hoffa are abandoning ship together, probably holding hands as they sing “stranger in paradise”
  8. charm299

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    It’s a 22.4 combo CEO position
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  9. Poop Head

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    Cheeseburger in paradise
  10. trickpony1

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    Poor Carol.
    How is she gonna have time to be a CEO at UPS?
    She's too busy counting her money.
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