southern avenger speaks on slavery

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    here's another one by the southern avenger. wkmac you've been holding out on us. posting commentary on whether republicans have violated some nuance of conservatism is boring stuff.

    but this stuff takes the issue of racism and puts it in your face:
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    Those are very interesting comming from the avenger.
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    LOL, they are. for some reason some appear to be leery of addressing them.:happy2:
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    Maybe it does not fit their agenda.:wink2:
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    I'm not sure this country is ready to move on to the avengers or henry gates thoughts on slavery. Its a shame. Now that we have a black president we should be willing to discuss this issue to this level and retire jackson and sharpton. Many blacks have not let go and many whites run in fear of being accused of bigotry to openly discuss this issue to this level.

    accusations of bigotry are as Harry Reids example shows selectively applied to suit the cause.
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    Nation of Islam Attacks Henry Louis Gates

    Posted by David Stein in News and Analysis on April 30, 2010

    “Bean Pie Summit?” The Nation of Islam calls Professor Henry Louis Gates an “Apologist for the evil of white America.”
    Professor Henry Louis Gates can’t seem to win. Nearly a year ago, following his well-publicized clash with a Cambridge police officer, he was, to many conservatives, the poster child for the “angry black man.” Yet these days, Gates, a Harvard professor and the director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African-American Research, is taking flack from the African-American far-left for an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times in which he highlighted the “considerable role” that Africans played in the trans-Atlantic slave trade.
    Although the facts regarding African complicity in the slave trade are well-known and well-documented, that didn’t stop the Nation of Islam from pouncing on Professor Gates in an April 28 screed titled “The Mis-Education of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” Written by Abdul Arif Muhammad, an attorney and former editor-in-chief of the Nation of Islam’s Final Call newspaper, the essay slams Professor Gates as an “apologist for the evil of white America.” “(Gates’) article is a perfect example of the ‘educated Negro’ who has been taught to find his ‘proper place’ at the back door,” Muhammad writes. “Professor Gates demonstrates through this article that he has accepted his proper place at the back door, showing he is in the category of an ‘educated Negro’ that (sic) has, in fact, been mis-educated.”
    Muhammad reminds his readers that this is not Gates’ first affront to the Nation of Islam, pointing out that in 1992 Gates wrote another New York Times op-ed in which he countered the Nation of Islam’s claims that conspiratorial Jews were behind the slave trade. Considering Gates’ past and current Times op-eds, Muhammad wonders, “Is Prof. Gates proving that he is a hired ‘educated Negro’ by the rich and powerful to be an apologist against the legitimate cries for justice by a suffering people?”