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    Is it normal to receive your vacation on your hiring anniversary? I know you need 156 reports in order to be eligible. I have a friend who was hired in the same contract It was just later on. He worked for exactly one year part time received his bennies but was only given 3 days of vacation and barely missed any days. Those three days showed up at the beginning of the new year when he was only employed for 6 months.

    Just weird that myself and the co-workers I asked received everything on our hiring anniversary.
  2. I'm also in the Southern region and received 4 hours of vacation at the end of 2018 but am not able to use until after my 1 year anniversary. In your first year, it's based off of how many punches you have. We earn our vacation time on Dec 31st for the previous year. I earned 1 option(4 hours) day on my anniversary and will earn more on Dec 31st.
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    Are you confusing vacation weeks with option/personal days?

    In my region we receive ‘20’ hrs of vacation after one year. It’s basically 1/52th of your gross yearly pay.

    there is no such thing as vacation days.
    Look at upsers. Some reset at the end of the year. Some reset on your anniversary. Time off viewer has it all.