Sparta/Cookeville area?

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    My hubby is a part time package handler here in PA and we want to move further south. He's thinking of taking an educational transfer and moving somewhere in Tennessee or South Carolina... He has been working at UPS 2 years, and was told when he started that the wait for driver positions is at least 5 years at his current hub.

    Was just wondering if anybody has info about the Sparta/Cookeville area UPS hubs (IS there a hub in Sparta?) especially in regards to the approximate wait time from part time to driver position.

    And yeah I know the driver job sucks, but it pays more than the $10/hr he's making at his 2nd non-UPS job, which also sucks and has no benefits, so he's pretty sure UPS driving is the way he wants to go. He's 33 now though, so the sooner he can get a full time job the better.

    I'm new here, so please don't be too hard on me if I'm asking dumb questions!
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    Wait times vary from building to building. I have no idea about Sparta/Cookeville area, im in Orlando, FL. The wait here is any where from 5 to 10 years to be asked if you want to drive. That building might be in need of covers and full time drivers soon. So it could be any where from 3 - 5 years without even breakign a sweat. Who knows, they could ask him within a year if he provides interest in the job right away within a year. A lot of people working here, insiders, dont pose any interest in driving, most do it for benefits.

    And dont worry, no question is a bad or stupid question.

    Make sure he askes about driving, and do it often if need be. Tell him to talk to leadership within the building and get on a waiting list and / or a seek a shop steward about how the process works. Does he need to be paying dues for at least a year before they can offer him the job. He must be well informed about the process even before he gets his foot in the door, so to speak.


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    I do not believe there is an actual hub in that area, probably centers. a little further north there is a big hub in Nashville known as Whites Creek hub. also a little further east in knoxville there is a hub. thats about all i can tell you other than im sure up there in PA most all employees are very big in the union and its alot different down south. and good luck!
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    33 ? Id tell him to become a cop or fireman. Stay with ups till he gets in acadmey
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    Never did any thing UPS there, early years of my life, But Cookeville TN is a beautiful area of the country.
    Many memories there.
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    In order to transfer he would have to be accepted and enrolled (ie in order to enroll in a school you have to pay ) in a approved school than the manager in that area would have to accept him (ie there would have to be an opening). He would basically be starting over in the other building as far a any seniority to become a driver.
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    I wish LOL - I <3 cops...

    I know he'll lose building seniority (but might as well do it now rather than waiting til he has 1 or 2 or 3 more years to lose). He has talked about going back to school, so it would probably be good for him to go for a couple classes and remember how much he actually hates school... Is there really a list of "approved" schools, or does it just get approved on a case by case basis?
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    I wouldnt count too much on getting the same job and same type of leadership in other buildings. We've had a guy recently quit is other UPS job elsewhere, then moved here thinking " oh hey, im gonna step into this new place and get into small sort like I was at the other place! " Two weeks later, upon preload, they let him go.

    Dont count on UPS to the friendly type of work place when getting tansfers at any rate. Make sure to leave on good terms!