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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 29, 2006.

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    I've noticed a number of threads mentioning the former President and I wanted to pass on a funny story from work. We have a manager at work who according to several looks like the President on the TV show "24". Well, the guy is good natured enough to take the kidding in good humor including the day I was working on a conveyor belt up high when the buidling was totally quite (I do love my afternoons before the sort as the quiet is wonderful) and as he walked through the building I stood up, saluted and started singing "Hail to the chief!" OK, you get your kicks where you can to maintain some sanity so deal with it! We both enjoyed the moment of humor.

    Anyway, several days later he comes to me needing help and he had a very urgent tone to his voice. I ask what was the problem and he then told me almost secretly that Monica was stuck under his desk and in 5 minutes he was having a function meeting in his office. Yeah, I ROTFLMAO!

    Bill Clinton, depending on your point of view may not have been good for America but I can tell you that in our case at work, I'd beg to differ. Just thought I'd share in the hopes you'd enough the work humor with us.

    c ya!
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    Time will tell......

    Supposedly, Tom Sizemore set up Bill Clinton with Liz Hurley and they had an affair for over a year. Sizemore is a druggie loser, but maybe he gave Bill Liz's nmber. The old horn dog's antics may haunt Hillary's run. (Globe)

    She can't keep her own house in order, how can she keep ours?

    Time will tell.....
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    Elizabeth-Hurley-Elizabeth-Hurley_l.jpg That's 1 sexyazz mama right there Daddy O lol.
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    GO Bill, Go Bill, Go Bill lol.
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    Bill Clinton, Leader of the Free World, should have been able to do much, much better than Monica.
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    I don't know he did marry Hillary . Ever see her before pictures...ugh..
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    It was this week's news at the checkout and there was no desire to post this under Hilary's thread when horn dog Bill has his own.

    I was able to find it through the search function. So, instead of creating a new thread, I decided (enough trees had died) to use an "already created" one. It's called thriftiness and it's done by people who realize the cost of everything and don't go around wasting like today's youth.

    Posting 11 letters sure gets you your money's worth !!
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    your resourcefulness is admired...:)
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    Easier to get away with the deed with an ugly chick i guess. Thats what ive been told lol. One of the ugly skeletons we all got buried in our closets somewhere lol.
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    She was an eager, naïve intern and he was looking for something that he obviously didn't get at home.
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    IS this the best the GOP has to offer?? AN affair from the late 90's? Get serious. Dont forget the many GOP candidates who are running for office this year and in 2016 that also had affairs...

    Whats fair is fair....

    I dont want to see a post from you saying "a persons private life is private"....

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    "Is this the best" YOU have to offer?

    How about some facts, bar-graphs, pie-charts?

    Oh, and another neg rate.
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    That story was all over other news sites too ... if you read the news.
  18. ImWaitingForTheDay

    ImWaitingForTheDay Annoy a conservative....Think for yourself

    Guess I Don't scour the bowels to get the news..Oh wait let me guess Thx Obama..
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    If you missed seeing it you were willfully ignorant.
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    I saw about 15 different places that covered this story today. CBS local in Cleveland and AP....that's Associated Press not Awww Pshaw.