SSI stands for Synchronized Solutions Inbound. Basically, it is an initiative to try to win new business by looking at our customer differently. In the past, all we have really concentrated on were those companies that shipped large quantities of packages out to their customers. But SSI is an attempt to look at it from the other direction we want to target those customers who get large amounts of inbound packages by various carriers. AEs have been tasked with finding accounts that get a certain level of inbound shipments from various carriers and meeting with the folks at that account that are responsible for ordering and processing these shipments. Usually, AEs are talking to shipping managers. But with SSI, we want them to talk to procurement managers and receiving managers. By showing them how we can help them do their job better, we can convince them to request their vendors to use UPS on the inbound moves. Also, we want to help them realize that they are paying their vendors to ship the items to them and they should have a say on what company is transporting those shipments.

Its a great idea LTL companies have been doing this for years..


Is there a minimum number of inbound packages required for SSI? I used to work in the receiving area of an IT dept, and we did tons of business with Gateway... tracking large orders and creating an inbound volume plan to figure out our staffing and workload... very UPS-like of me... anyhow, I still wish we had something like that but I doubt the amount of packages they receive would qualify for SSI. I would love to submit a lead on it if I could.


Actually, SSI is an internal UPS initiative. I dont know how they selected what accounts are part of this initiative and what arent. But you dont need to be a targeted account of SSI to get a technology solution to help you manage your inbound shipments. You are looking for Quantum View Data Inbound. This is a web-based service that will give you all kinds of information on any shipment that is inbound to your company in the UPS system (of course!).

Now when I was an AE, we used to charge for this service, but think it is available free of charge now. If you are interested in getting set up and you have an AE assigned to your account, give him/ her a call and tell them that you want to get set up on QVD- Inbound. If you dont have an AE, call the 800-PICKUPS number and tell the CSR that you want an AE to visit you so that you can get set up on QVD Inbound. It may take a few days, but an AE will call to set up a visit to get you guys set up.

Hope this helps..


We had our first SSI initiative yesterday. We had a paper the driver had to sign to promise to deliver all a major colleges deliveries within 30 minutes of 10am. There are about 15 stops that this encompasses, and they are on 2 different routes. They normally get maybe 3 NDA's, now both routes basically have to deliver these stops as though they were NDA's and can no longer run their own airs. Oh yeah and if they miss a ground and find it after 1030, it is on them and they have been told they will be held accountable. I agree SSI is a good idea, but since all business stops want their deliveries as early as possible, will the AE's use common sense and not require us to deliver all these stops at 10 am?


I once requested Dell to send my new computer UPS, to a non-existant address on my own route, where only I could receive it. I get a call from the post office on a Saturday, thirty miles away from my home, asking me how to deliver my packages. I had to drive down there on my off day to pick it up (not to mention a major accident that added one hour to my travel time one way) leaving me furious with Dell.


SSI is targeted at consignees with about 20 packages per day.

Obviously, these businesses direct their shippers to their preferred transportaion company.

As was mentioned, its a suite of services targeted toward helping these consignees business.

Quantum View lets them see all the packages coming to their location(s).

Combined / Scheduled Delivery gives them a pre-planned delivery time and assures them that all of their packages will be delivered in that timeframe.

SSI is also targeted at things that's difficult for the competition to duplicate.

For instance, FedEx cannot assure a delivery time when all packages are delivered since they have multiple fleets.



Just to be precise: Quantum View Manage is the application that will allow consignees to view their inbound, outbound and import volume on the web. Quantum View Data is designed for customers that wish to import the data into their own IT systems. It is a data delivery mechanism. They are both free but you must sign up through your AE.


Yeah 20+ packages a day...

But not always, I used to have a company that had easily 25-50 packages(heavy mostly books) I submitted a SSI lead, and they were declined...unknown reason.

While another stop on the route which gets 2-3 packages a day, sometimes a couple more but never 20+ This stop was given SSI, without a SSI lead.

It was very confusing, and even Management had no idea why.

Good idea in theory, but some issues to be resolved.


Perhaps there was a promise of increased volume if they were given a gauranteed delivery time.