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    i was wondering what the Monday start time means....i worked monday @ 9:15, and today @ 9:15...tomorrow they want me in for preload @ 5:30....can they do that?..or must i stay at the 9:15 start time for the rest of the week? thanks for the help guys
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    you need 10 hrs of rest between shifts. IF your going to start at 5:30am tomorrow and take 10 hrs away from that that means that you couldn't work after 7:30pm tonight. However if your not driving tomorrow than those rules don't apply.
  3. If start time is 5:30 than 5:30 be there
  4. Cementups

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    thye are required to give you 48 hours notice to start time changes. And they can only float your start time 1 hour either way of your bid start time.
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    Here, I believe you need one weeks notice to change your start time more than an hour.
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    ....but if it were me, I'd just come in early for the OT, no problem.
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    What's your job classification? What is your normal start time? Work as directed and talk to a steward. Don't know exactly what you're asking.
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    As I recall mainebrown is a cover driver who has been layed off for quite some time. I assume that the 9:15 start is when you are driving and the earlier when you are not and are asked to work the preload. While there are guidelines as to how much notice you must be given for start time changes, I would think that working would be more important than the principle. Have they asked you to bring your browns in with you in case they need you to drive, be it a route or even just NDA?
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    Any cover driver or reg temp that works the preload should know that they should keep a set of Brown's in their vehicle or their locker!