Started TCD, then 22.4, now promoted to RPCD.


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In March of 2020 I started as a TCD. I was a TCD for two years before I became a 22.4 in March of 2022 and my TCD rate was red circled. Now with the new contract and promotion to RPCD my supervisors told me that I will not receive any raise this time around. Is this correct? I do not believe so.
You never talk to a supervisor about stuff like this. They know nothing about pay rate. Their job is to supervise you. They are completely out of the loop when it comes to pay rate. Talk to a steward or call your local hall.
Ladies and gentlemen, looks like I posted this original post too early, I would like to redact my statement. I did receive my raise. Turns out any body who's red circled at their pay will receive the 85 percent of the highest seniority drivers rate until their 4 year seniority level of which they will receive the rest of their raise to max pay.
You still didn't get the full $2.75 you're entitled to, so you need to file a grievance and get your mother :censored2:ing money!