Starting my 2nd week at UPS...

Whats up everyone? I just started my 2nd week for UPS. It's hard work but I'm def. liking it. Pay isn't that great right now but i want to drive eventually(I turn 21 in 7 months)so i understand you gotta start at the bottom of the ladder and work your way up. I def. dig the benefits and i like to lift so its like a double workout every other day. I was underloading trailors and then metro my first week in "training." We did hands on work and then classroom work like watching videos, writing info down, etc. It's something new they started and we were the 2nd class of new hires that had to take it. To be honest, I rather just have worked the whole time, but its w.e. My sups are real chill. Always say what up and a good ole' good job and pat on the back when im done with work. My sup told me yesterday that he wants me to start sorting and today he gave me a paper of the belts, pds, and all of that. I'm going to look over it on and off tomorrow before I go into work cause he wants me to start tomorrow. I started at 8.50/hr, but we get a 50 cent raise after 30 days. Because im moving to sorter, i get an extra dollar per hour as well:happy2:so thats means by next month i'll be making 10/hr. It isn't too great, but it will do till i can start cover driving and becoming a driver. Overall, i bust my ass at work and it can get stressful, but i'm proud to work for ups. I went to college for a semester and just didn't know what i wanted to major in. Just wasn't my gig. Worked at LA Fitness and a landscaping company for a year and now i'm here. I def. look at UPS as a place to grow into a career for myself. My pops works for PP&L and wants me to get in there to become a linemen. I sent in my resume like a year ago and still waiting. I could go through the union and work with contractors till get my cert., but not sure if i want to go that route. If i get in, i'm set though. Regardless, i'm def. leaning on staying at UPS till im old, retired, and on a rocker with a cold brew. Sorry for the long post but i'd figured i just give you a run down. Proud to rep. UPS
Give yourself two months...You'll hate it lol jk

I've been here 5 1/2 months and have wanted to quit many times but i've slowly started to like my fellow employees and feel like I fit in now. I work for my dad during the day which gives me a flexible schedule. I don't think I want to make this a career but it is a good part time job with weekends off. I hope to make it through the summer at UPS because I know I wll be tempted to call in sick because I'm missing out on more and more.