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  1. There is a section of my route with (literally) an aligator infested canal along side, there are wild hogs, deer, and snakes everywhere, along with every flying insect you can imagine. The driveways are about half mile long and full of ankle breaking pot holes, knee deep water/mud holes, low hanging trees, ants, you name it.

    For years I've driven these driveways. Ive' been in an older truck with no telematics/keyless yet, and I got put into a newer 1200 bus recently with it. Tattle-tell-ematics reported I'm driving up and down these driveways, I was instructed not to Friday. I explained how long/dangerous they are, and was told to walk it..

    I know, work as instructed, I dont feel safe working as instructed. I sheeted them missed Monday, brought them back, I said I dont feel safe, comfortable, and was trying to expect the unexpected (being killed) and was told cant do that, deliver them. So I went back out, and recorded one of the driveways. How would you handle this, instructions are to walk the driveway. Expect the unexpected, and the "management cant instruct you to do something dangerous" plays in here too. I REFUSE to walk these driveways, it is NOT safe... And was instructed not to sheet them missed.

    I have continued to not work as instructed and drove up and down them this week after being told not to.

    Heres a video, driveway is actually another 40-50 Yards longer but camera stopped by mistake, mailbox is all the way at the end past where video stops. This is NOT a road, it's a private driveway. And I'm going slow because it's a terrible surface, all those ankle breaking potholes and dips shake the truck and I'm trying to keep pcs on the shelf. This is only 11 am with a full load
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    No, that's a private road. The private driveway is the part that's 50-60' in front of the house. Stop there and walk the rest.

    Another way to jack with them is to comply, get bit by said indigenous bug, have reaction, miss work for a day or two, and make them call it in as a DART injury. Repeat as needed till they let you drive it.

    p.s. Do you here banjo music driving up that path?
  3. lol@banjo

    They say the driveway starts where the mailbox is. The main gate with the address on it and mailbox are at the end of where I'm driving at and it comes out onto a main road. This is all driveway. Telematics even says it's a driveway. This is the arguement we have, welcome to my world
  4. That gate I dr'd at is a gate within the gated property, Those horses, etc. are all on this property. Thats the gate leading up to the house
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    Personally, I would be more worried about my management team seeing this video. They would not take kindly to me videoing while driving with my radio on the dash down a driveway I was instructed not to go down.

    I would inform my team about my concerns. If they still instructed me to walk it off, I would do so after I sent a certified letter reiterating my concerns.
  6. That's stupid. Glad I'm a 22.3. Less pay but I have set schedule and and don't have to deal with management watching me like a hawk
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    Your mgmt team is f'ed in the head.
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    Call your business agent he should be able to fix it.
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    You're right: that is dangerous. You should not have to walk that. It's time to get the union involved.
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    I am ok with you driving down the driveway...however you need to put that radio in the back.
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    Boy, am I glad I'm in Jersey!
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    There is no flippin way I'd walk that.
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    Why must the radio be in the back? I have a big job site radio, and I bungee it to the "grab bar" on the pass side floor. Can't screw with it while driving, but still provides some nice, sexy music for me
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    That would take an F'n hour to walk off:rofl:
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    All it would take is one day of working as instructed to correct this issue
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    I'd walk it - I'd hate every minute but I'd walk it.
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    Good thing Leo came down to get his delivery. Next time you might find yourself carting up a few oversized irregulars...

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    Honestly, it sucks, but I would do exactly what they tell you to do.
    When they ask you why you're only doing three SPH, give them a blank stare and tell them you're working as directed.

    At 13:00, send a message with ETA and how much help you'll now need, since you're working as directed.

    A week? Ten days? They'll change their tune.

    If you just got telematics, they'll have a hard-on about 99 things, 96 of which go away, but it takes time.
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    If I were instructed to walk a drive way with gator, I would call OSHA and report this to them. I would also send this video to my BA and Corp. and see what they have to say.. This is crazy...