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  1. so today a part time supervisor running an area in my building sends a double shifter to burger king to buy food for people.. while the double shifter is on the clock.......

    this is the same supervisor who most of the year will tell people they don't need help.. pick up the pace etc.....

    yet he can take a loader and send him to burger king...

    um someone want to call the honesty hotline for me?
  2. over9five

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    Sounds like the double shifter was working as directed. What's the problem???
  3. yeldarb

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    I remember being told to get donuts during double shifts years ago. I was always eager. Walking to the donut shop was easier than loading trailers.
  4. Cezanne

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    Who are trying to knife the part time employee or their supervisor. Remember what season it is...Really a bad move considering that this was actually an act of consideration for the work area.
  5. blue efficacy

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    management actually does something nice and some a**hole wants to nark on them. Shameful.
  6. Jelousy

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    Sounds like you are just mad because you had to continue working while a fellow Teamster got a little break.

    I think it is the supervisor's discretion as to what work is performed as long as it is reasonable.

    Maybe he will give you an at-a-boy today to make you feel special.
  7. speeddemon

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    I'm with you on this one.
  8. 30andout

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    Back when I was a clerk I would go get donuts almost every day, and take turns buying. Most of the time manager and sups bought, I was just the gopher. Aah those were the days.
  9. y guy n girl

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    so is ups liable if something happens to the kid who is off company grounds in his personal vehicle doing unwork related activities on work time?

    id be sketchy about doing that. i guess u are working as directed but if your a 10 year person and u have to talk to some manager with a little more experience then a 1st year part time sup i wouldnt want to have to explain how i thought tht was resonable
  10. Yech1

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    You act as though no company has ever had an employee go get something. I think we are so stuck in our routine and rules that we don't realize that just about everything that be thought-of goes on at one company or another.

    I get your point, but it is so skeptical. Maybe we should consult a lawyer to see if anyone has ever left a company to get breakfast for the others. Maybe this is just a big trick to fire or lay us off.

  11. hoser

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    you fail to account for the fact that supervisors have to be prepared to justify ALL of their actions. like why they allocated employees to tasks the way they did, why they rolled (or despatched) volume, or sent the employee to bking.

    also; unless this person pleaded not to leave the building on company time to get food for employees, you got nadda. how does the double shifted employee feel?

    so let's look at this from the sup's perspective; the business lens:
    what gets the operation the most value for an unskilled task?
    a) sending an hourly employee whose job is to unload, load, sort, or stack boxes, earning $12/hr out of the building to get food for employees. there are 25 employees that you can send.
    b) sending a supervisor whose job is to oversee, delegate, and manage an operation, earning $17/hr to get food for employees. there is 1 supervisor that you can send.

    sending the supervisor out when there are other tasks he has to do is like making the home builder spend a day cleaning up the worksite when there 5 people that can do it for him and there are 10 other homes that have to be built.

    the company pays for a snack thanking you for your hard work on top of the health benefits and unconditional financial support of your post-secondary education, regardless what it is you're learning, and you find a way to whine...