Stereotypes that ARE true

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    So, this could turn into a touchy subject, but oh well. Feel free to add your own critiques about what you might notice of other BCers also ;)

    Being Canadian, I do live certain stereotypes:

    I say, 'you know' a lot
    I say, 'eh' a lot (honestly when someone gives me a blank look I will say, 'you know what I'm talking about, eh?')
    I drink lots of beer
    I'll complain in the winter about it being too cold and in the summer complain about it being too hot
    I hate the waiting time in our ER's but am glad I don't have to pay for medical bills from my own pocket
    I don't understand Americans :peaceful:
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    You already took all the one's I was going to use, you hoser!
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    We don't understand you.:wink2:
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    No, no, no, you Americans are missing the point, geez...The post wasn't to FLAME CANADA! It's stereotypes of every nationality or country. Thanks though, for living up to the 'American's don't get it' stereotype ;)
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    Canada, the boogeyman

    Posted in Political Bytes Posted on August 10, 2009 08:14 PM
    Good news Canada! President Obama isn't afraid of us!
    At the closing news conference of the Summit of the Americas, Barack Obama was asked about the bitter fight in his country over health-care reform — and how his proposal has been vilified by some critics as being "Canadian."
    Obama's answer: "I don't find Canadians particularly scary, but I guess some of the opponents of reform think they make a good boogeyman."

    He warned that Canada will continue to serve as a whipping boy in the highly charged U.S. debate over the future of health care, which has seen town hall meetings erupt into scuffles this summer.
    The U.S. president also says he believes that as the debate rages in the U.S., he expects Canada will continue to be dragged into it.
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    Stereotypes that are true.....

    All Japanese tourists carry cameras.

    All Florida drivers have blue hair.

    Catholics have perfected "guilt".
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    These two goes for us dutch people too :happy2:
    and to add to the list:

    All managers are @..holes
    Women from South America are the most beautiful in the world

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Ay! I hear you there matey! Aaaaarrrrrr.....
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    Disagree , Icelanders are the cutest !
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    90% of Asian people don't know how to drive properly (Maybe it's just my area though?)
    90% of people on cell phones don't drive properly while talking on them
    Management does get promoted through mistakes they make. There was a study a few years back that stated something like 68% of management either get promoted or get a rise after making a major bad decision.