Stolen health benefits, when do we get them back?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Holdemhook68, May 10, 2012.

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    About 6 years ago when the pension fund was extremly low, the union in a 300 person panel vote, decided to "transfer" some of the funds given by UPS from our health benifits to the pension side to get the level back up. I attended a union meeting at the union hall and asked "When these were going to be replaced" and was told probably never. The other answer I received was "you make enough money, why worry" to that I replied, "I have seen no actual raise, the more I make, the more goes out in medical costs due to the piss poor coverage we have now".
    How much longer are we going to allow the Union to treat us like mushrooms and keep us in the dark and feed us full of :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:? The union dues continue to go up and how much has the retirement went up? Lets not forget how much it will cost to insure ourselves upon retirement.
    If the monies UPS has paid in on our behalves were paid accordingly we would each receive between 6,000 and 6,500 per month not to mention much more affordable health care. Its time remove the blinds and start thinking for ourselves. a roth IRA 100.00 per month for 20 years (24,000) dollars would mature into 54,000$. what is our 75.00 per month really getting us? More stops per car, thats the way I see it.
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    This is a pretty simple situation! The Central States made a bad investment with retirement funds, and now the central states teamsters must scrounge around to find money to pay their bills. Money doesn't grow on trees! If you want retirement benefits, that money must come from somewhere. If you want medical insurance, that money must come from somewhere also. What do you really expect in a tough financial situation???
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    How much is $3,000 mnthly @ 5-10-or20+yrs into retirement ? Earnings while not working. I'm just saying !!

    $3,000mnthly@20yrs. = $720,000 +/- whatever your lifespan is while in retirement. I'd rather this then Walmart after retirement. Also, this is based on full 30 yr vested retirement.

    Are you really thinking that without a union & union dues that we wouldn't get more stops per car, LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I need to try not to wear out my L,OL button so I will stop now.
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    If you want things to change vote the people in charge out..... Otherwise the Status Quo with continue... I'm thankful I don' fall under the central states...
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    For the contribution rate UPS pays....

    That's not even close.

    If you could manage that kind of return on investments, why are you driving a truck ?

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    My estimated pension benefit will be between $5-5.5K/month.
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    That's a *paper* estimate.... not real world.

    Most pension funds.... both single and multi-employer need to "average" at least an 8 1/2 % return.

    Thats why so many are in the red right now. Did you get a letter from yours recently ?

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    Yes--ours is in critical status, which is why our split raises have been diverted for the duration of this contract to pump up our pension fund.

    As of this year I am set to receive an annual pension of $54K with 7 years of contributions still to come.

    Of course, my ex gets 16%.:sad-little:

    Maybe she'll forget or tell me she doesn't need it. (Yeah, right)
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    You are doing good.... if you only have one.

    When you join the club with 2 or 3.... you're a feeder driver. :fingerscrossed: