Stolen time recovery.

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    I have been working for ups for eight years. I have had many different supervisors during this time. Every supervisor I have had has altered my time card. I usually catch them and file. But for all the other times I did not catch them, can I get an audit on my time for all eight year ? What do I need to do ? I want every single penny.
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    Well, here's what the Contract says . . .
    I once got a printout for several years. But to go back the full eight years, you may have to contact Sherman and Mr. Peabody and step into the Wayback Machine. :happy2:
  3. dannyboy

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    Getting the printout is just one issue. It then becomes an issue of timeliness. The company is going to say that you should have filed way back when. So wanting and getting the "full back pay" are two different animals.

    And you cant say that you were too intimidated to file, because on occasion you did.

    But on the other hand, what they did was illegal. I would file for the time, and see what happens.

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    Love the sherman and peabody reference. I check my previous week's hours every paycheck. Most guys in our building do, and there are occasional corrections.
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    This may be a battle not worth wasting your time over.

    I would start from today recording your times each day and then comparing the hours to that on your paystub for accuracy.
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    been brought up before; record you time daily, and make sure THEY know you do. problem solved they will steal the time from someone how doesnt care enough to keep track
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    pick your battles carefully, you can not win everytime.
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    Any other symptoms?.
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    Thats why your stiil there and there not (TROLL):wink2: