Stop Discrimination in UPS especially in UPS Management!!!

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    Equal Employment Opportunity is the Federal Law, USE IT!!! It doesn’t cost you and you don’t need an attorney either to file a charge against any employer with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    It's not about Blacks, Whites, Latinos or Asians. It's all about fairness at work.

    Walgreen to settle race lawsuit
    America's largest pharmacy chain, Walgreen, has agreed to pay $20m to settle a federal lawsuit alleging discrimination against black workers.

    The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) - a watchdog agency - says Walgreen sent black staff to low-performing stores in black areas.
    African-American employees, including pharmacists and managers, were also denied promotions, the EEOC claims.
    The settlement deal must still be approved by a federal judge.
    "We commend Walgreen for working cooperatively with us to reach an amicable settlement of this case without protracted litigation," EEOC Chair Naomi Earp said in a statement.
    Walgreen, who has denied the allegations throughout, said it was glad to have resolved the issue.
    Sharing the money
    The EEOC launched its case after carrying out an investigation into 12 complaints filed by current and former Walgreen staff across the country.
    Most of the complaints in the class action suit came from workers and former staff in St Louis, Florida, Detroit and Kansas City.
    Lawyers say the $20 million (£9.8 million) will be split among lawyers who handled the case and the more than 7,500 employees who brought a class action against the company. Walgreen says it is the largest US pharmacy chain by sales, with more than 5,638 stores in 48 states and Puerto Rico, and recorded sales of $47.4bn (£24.5bn) in the 2006 financial year.

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    I wish I was a minority so I could sue an employer everytime I didn't get what I wanted. Playing the "race card" is the bcomming the most popular get rich scheme. I'd be a rich man by now.
  3. defcon4

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    You hit the nail on the head big_arrow_up. Playing the race card IS racism, the exact thing they are trying to stop. Although I haven't seen any racist acts or attitudes for a long time now (and I live in Georgia so that says something). Racism was a pre 70's thing, now the United States actually gives more opportunities for and caters to minorities.

    "Equal opportunity" means equal for ALL races (WHITES AND BLACKS AND ASIANS ETC.) it's not equal opportunity just for minorities.
  4. raceanoncr

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    Uh, where in this Walgreen thing does it mention UPS? Where did THIS come from? Where did this ESPECIALLY IN UPS MANAGEMENT come from?

    Can we get a little more specific?

  5. sendagain

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    I suspect some lawyer may have posted this trolling for clients. You don't even need a good case much of the time, you just threaten and hope the company settles. I have found UPS one of the fairest companies around when promoting minorities.
  6. ImpactedTSG

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    Yeah, stop the racism. I can count about 50 while males that were more qualified than most of the black and especially black females I saw promoted. They all had letters in and were through the panel interview, but guess what, they need some token minority to meet some quota. Why do you just **** and go away. Earn your position in the work place not some courtroom jagoff.
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  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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  9. ImpactedTSG

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  10. defcon4

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    You're right, the discrimination against whites these days IS ILLEGAL!!! So "civilrightsfighter" you can either start including whites in your fight for so called "civil rights" or you can consider yourself a bona fide hypocrite.
  11. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    So what's your point?
    Ups does not discriminate!
    Every employee is hated equally.
  12. toonertoo

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    Yes we are all beaten equally, black, white, man, woman, where is the discrimination? If its in the hiring, UPS is bound by law, and Ups cant fix that. Its another stupid law. There are fewer women at ups than men, why? They do not apply in the same number would be my guess. AS for other minorities I would have to "guess" the same.
    As for promtion from within. If there are 25 candidates and 23 are white males, 1 is a woman and one is a black, one of the two minorities shoud not get the job when another is more qualified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats just wrong.
    Just another story of lawyers making money.
  13. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    thank god you posted here and saved me from discriminatory practices. I'm a white male where do I sign up?
  14. jenltuli

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    Isn't it wonderful that Ups and lets face it all of the world is not free of racism! Everyone is ALWAYS treated equally. JUST wonderful
  15. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Equality is one thing but giving special treatment to minorities over whites is another. That is called RACISM. The irony is that companies will do this to avoid racial discrimination charges but by doing so they are commiting a racist act. It seems like the only jobs that aren't affected by this are pro sports. If this crap continues in the work place than maybe us whites should demand "equal opportunity" in the NFL and NBA. LOL.
  16. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    If in the scenario of 23 white males, a woman, and a black, where the black person is most qualified and he does not get the job, that would be unequal treatment. That could be racism. And that would be wrong.
    I know I was used as a tool to fill one of those quotas, and it just so happened that I am Ok at it. If I hadnt been I would have been gone, I understood that, as a white female would that have been bias? Unfair treatment? No, it would be unfair to burden others by carrying me. Ups has only the opportunity in most places to fill a driver position from the outside to meet those quotas. The rest goes by time served and 6 to 1. So if there are say 20 women, 20 blacks, and 80 whites in my building, is that racism, No its just how it is. In my area. I would bet in larger predominantly black cities, the ration is turned around in many cases. If no one applies from the inner city, how can UPS hire them?
    Im not a cheer leader for UPS, but I dont see racism there. And actually there is much more reverse racism than racism. I look at everyone the same, I think most UPS people do. And I love the people that I work with because we can talk freely and enjoy each others company and none of us are all hung up on behavior from years ago which none of us had anything to do with.
  17. jasar13

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    why don't you go fishing for clients in a different pond? we have enough issues to cloud the water.
  18. lost

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    hear hear !!!!!
  19. trickpony1

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    I'm just guessing but.......
    Why would any attorney fish the internet for cases or clients when there are other resources available to reference precedents and related court decisions?
    Assuming this "troll" does have people PM him/her who feel that they have been discriminated against by the company, what's it gonna look like when the plaintiffs attorney stands before the judge and says, "....sir, I have emails and PM's from all these affected people from across the nation.....".
    Is this an attorney fishing for clients or an individual who feels he/she has been denied an "opportunity" to get into or move up the "ladder of success".
    Draw your own calculated conclusions
  20. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    Where I am the drivers are are rather diverse in thier origins.
    In my center alone(about 50 ft drivers),off the top of my head
    come from:
    Puerto rico
    And for the most part,we all get along fine.