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    Does anyone else have these places to deal with?What is the official rules for delivering to them?The one I have,has about 3000 units.You go to the front desk ,get the key,they open the gate and you drive in.They all have locks,and you dr to a big square box.I dont like it.What if they give the key to another courier later that day and he steals something?The locks are cheap and I wonder if I can be blamed for not securing them.It seems weird that they are businesses and unless the front desk signs,a sig is not required....any thoughts ?
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    Most every storage place I've been to doesn't accept deliveries for their 'tenants'. Only one did and they auto-opened the gate and you drove around to the rear of their office where they "received" everything and signed for it.
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    i have one on my route. i do the same thing. person there signs for pkgs gives me key 2 person's locker and i then put pkgs in their locker.
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    That is just too weird. It just sounds illegal. Never heard of that happening in the area whee I work.

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    There are no official rules with these areas. Half the ones in CT will take the packages at the office. A quarter will make you deliver all packages to their unit. The other quarter will only make you deliver if its a bulk stop.

    This is something your sups could work with, but they will always fall to what each managing company wants to do.
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    We do same as you are except we never ever DR. We always get a sig at front office and unfortunately take pkgs to each unit unlock and relock. The sig is key for liability protection. I've never had a claim on one but it's a judgement call. If they don't wanna sign, which is extremely rare, we leave a note at the office and try again until we get them delivered or held at the center. Some offices will take small del. right at the desk as well.
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    I will not accept a key or go alone to any garage or storage area. If something comes up missing I dont need the blame.
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    That sounds like the best policy, Sober. I have never had this issue come up.
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    That's what I do as well. I tell the front clerk that I will be happy to deliver them, but they will need to be the one to open and lock the unit. UPS does not have the same hold harmless paper that the tenant has signed for the storage facility. If they are not willing to do that I mark it refused and RTS the shipment. I have asked LP about this procedure and they agree with it.
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    A topic I may have a little insight to add.
    I use to be a property manager for the largest storage company in the US. I am not sure about the rules and laws in other states and other companies but I do know what the laws are here and the official rule for this storage company. In my part of the country we have a lot of drug reps. They would rent small lockers at different facilities. By law, the only person that could sign for the shipment from the drug companies were the reps themselves. No one else is allowed to receive the shipment. The storage company also did not want their employees receiving or giving keys to UPS drivers for deliveries, whether they be drugs or furniture. That said, property managers receive a 1/4 bonus based on their properties numbers. Such as occupancy, delinquency and such. Being that drug reps were great tenants (NEVER GO DELINQUENT) employees would still accept shipments for these reps. As far as UPS, I do not know what the rule is.........
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    Hoax, you correct spelling too????
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    When I was qualifing I had to del. to a self storage. Sup. was with me. Told me to del. to unit and DR garage. If anything goes wrong I am just working as directed. Most of the time it is the same 1 or 2 units that get del. so it is not a problem.
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    Hoax is going to be very busy here if he corrects all the spelling and grammar errors in here. At least we won't have to see anymore "stewarts" again.
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    We cude kepe him vary bisy!
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    Hoax, you correct spelling too????

    Hoax is going to be very busy here if he corrects all the spelling and grammar errors in here. At least we won't have to see anymore "stewarts" again.

    Have enuf trouble with my own ... that's a challenge I'm going to turn down. :peaceful:
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    I have two of them on my area, one takes everything at the office the other I have to get a key etc.

    The biggest issue I have with the “key” facility is their schedule or lack of one. If I pull up and see the “I’ll be back when I feel like it” sign, CLO-1. I’ve made as many as 3 attempts in a single day to get rid of 25 pieces.

    UPS should charge an additional fee for “Storage Facility” deliveries.
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    I deliver to one that stores for most of the shops at a nearby outlet village, most of the stuff they sign for but a couple they arent allowed to sign for and their tenants insist they call them and they come from the outlet place to sign themselves. Strangely they always go as refused, like i have time to sit there waiting all day
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    LOL that won't last long. He'll get tired it fast enough. :wink2:
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    I used to deliver to a few storage facilities for non-drug related sales reps. I got the rep's to sign a signature release form(basically a never ending service notice) with the facility managers help so I wasn't DRing the stop. I'd enter SOF in the signature field and clarify it with the person's name that was in CPAD notes for that stop. One of the facility owners even gave me keys to the lockers with the renters permission cause I was there 2 or 3 times a week.

    The only problem with some of the smaller units was getting everything to fit if the rep was on vacation or at a convention for 2 straight weeks.

    Another driver in the center delivered a gated community that had a few quite a few drug reps living there. He ended up getting garage door openers from them for their deliveries. I don't know what he did for the signatures.