Getting Slammed by Safety

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    Recently safety (external individual) came into our facility to preform an internal audit and found out that things weren't up to snuff. So far they have been coming up to every employee and asking him or her all the normal "memorized" safety questions. Naturally, safety didn't mention how to keep a safe clean work area. Keep in mind that safety has been in our facility for a good week and a half now. Today at random, safety decided to stage a hazardous spill. A package came down the chute and spilt all over the belt. Everyone did everything by the book and still got the blame. I won't go into too much detail unless you want me to...

    My questions, is safety allowed to stage a spill? The safety individual then yelled (actually yelling) at everyone for not handling the situation properly when they followed the proper protocol.

    On a side note, this safety individual was lecturing me stating that I cannot secure a conveyer belt that does not have a latch. In my facility, all the buttons for the belts are latches, but have red stop buttons that need to be reset by the individual who stops it at their station to restart the belt. I kept on telling this safety person that when the light is red and after confirming that it is indeed unable to come on that it is secure. Respectively, I was told that it can only be secured up front?? Where is this safety person coming up with this stuff?? or am I wrong? Just to clarify, we were discussing how to properly secure a conveyer belt, not locking out equipment.
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    Those who can’t regulate those that can.
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    Just tell him that you cannot understand him when he is yelling. He now needs to repeat everything he just yelled to you in an understandable tone.


    That is not conveyor securing.

    Someone needs to retake the training.

    No, it is not.

    You need an S hook, latch and/or tag over that red start button to be secured, which can only be removed by the person that placed it there, else they need to secure it from the main control area.

    From Corporate.


    You still need a "securing" device placed over the red start button letting others know not to start the belt since someone else secured it.

    Conveyor Securing.jpg
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    Here's another type with a latch to cover the reset button.

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    Give me more
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    I would, but the mods would look like this...
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    She was only 19 when the movie came out. Probably 18 when she filmed.

    That is one well put together 18 year old.
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    Exactly how I want my Hollywood actress.
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    Borderline illegal?

    Maybe Hollywood should set up a job fair at the border.
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    "Borderline legal" sound like a movie @MyTripisCut has hidden in the garage.
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    “Big boned” edition
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    Borderline Legal presents, "Whale Watching 9"...
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    I think I love you
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    Slammed by safety huh?

    Sign me up.
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    Was safety wearing a yellow skin tight suit with wings???
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    She's a well known stunt woman now.
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    The Double Duece was built and filmed in the town I currently live in.
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    When they are done yelling at you, tell them you can't hear anymore as your eardrums are ringing badly!
    Also mention you might have suffered partial hearing loss!