Straight Truck = Out to Pasture?

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  1. Code 82 Approved

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    Guys who have known me for the few years I have been around here may recall I shattered my tib/fib about 18 months ago.

    I'm considering moving to a straight truck route at Ground, mainly because I live a few blocks from the terminal about to be split.

    If I factor in my commute to the new terminal on the opposite side of the metropolis, the time in traffic, the fuel, winter weather, construction season, MLB games, and a few dozen other time-robbing things of the sort...

    I'm at risk of giving up one of the most coveted routes in my terminal, a route I have been on since I started as a swing 9 years ago and one where I know hundreds of people by a first name basis.

    But I am no spring chicken after the leg break, and the days of doing 140 spd are over.

    Most of the discussions here are usually about package van people and their experiences, off the top of my head I don't recall a straight truck discussion.

    I covered a straight truck p/u route after my p&d route for extra money during a maternity thing for 4 months, and it was generally cake until the day the truck was full after stop 5/15 and I was 40 miles from base.

    The new position will never be more than 10 miles from base and I don't think it would be an issue to run back and dump freight to make more room for the rest.

    What do you guys think of the lateral move?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Would the move truly be a lateral one, including pay? If so, go for it.
  3. It will be fine

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    Is the pay the same?
    I do treat my straight truck routes as a step toward retirement. They are for slower guys that can't handle vans anymore. They typically do the same stops everyday with an occasional flex, so the +-20 stops a day doesn't happen like on a van. If it's not too much of a pay cut, take it and relax.
  4. Grounddown

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    Might be worth a ride along for a day to see the route first hand. Mostly dock stops? Hopping in and out of the back can get old fast. Especially bulk stops without a dock. On the plus side, some dock trucks have working A/C.
  5. robdabanks

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    I do a bulk route. I avg over 500 pcs a day. Hit my pcs bonus 2-3 times a week. About 400 pcs coming off in my first 3 stops. I avg about 70 stops a day with pick ups. I have half docks and the other half back doors, not a bad route at all.
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    whats that?
  7. Demetrius D

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    So a straight truck driver is a package driver who usually does bulk? And do you have to ha e more seniority driving the straight trucks? I have experience driving straight trucks and would love to do it for ups (been working there for 8 months) if so what's the exact title of your job so I can search it
  8. silenze

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    This thread is about fedex. A t ups all package routes are bid by senority. There is not a different job title.
  9. FedEx GT

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    My bulk truck driver does 13 delivery stops 550+ packages and 5 pickups roughly 350 packages. Start at 8:00-8:30 done with deliveries around 11:45-12:15 start pickups at 2:30 final stop at 4:01. If the pay is the same do it. I always said I would be happy selling all my routes except the bulk route and just run that full time. Sadly that can't happen anymore.