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Trying to find out some info on subcontractor mechanics. Is it ok for ups to hire single guy as subcontractor, treat him like an employee, and do it for years? Subcontractor is responsible to pay own taxes, limited to certain hours per week and doesn’t know if he’s going to get paid in a timely fashion. All the other mechanics in the state seem to be union too. Can anybody shed any light on this?


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John Blake

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Haha us wives just want to protect our husbands. It’s in our nature. All I was asking for is somebody to shed light on subcontractor mechanics. I’ve met a lot of union mechanics that doesn’t believe what ups is doing with subcontractors is right. My husbands fleet is the same size as all the other fleets in the 200 mile radius yet ups claims his fleet is too small to make him union.

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What state or local? Mechanics are included in the bargaining unit but the language they operate under is different depending on location.

Your husband will likely have seniority, wages, tools, and report-to provisions somewhere in the regional/local contract.


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He is a subcontractor he has no rights.
He can talk to the local union to get a position created for him but runs the risk they will hire someone else.