Such a thing as coming right in as PT Driver?

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    Hello. I'm new here. I am interested in pursuing a part-time package delivery position and I have no interest in performing loading duties, etc in order to get to that point. I don't need the job, which is why I'm not interested in "working my way up" as a loader. I simply want to see if being a driver is something that I might enjoy. Does the company hire part-time drivers without requiring the newly hired person to load first? Thanks for the info.
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    Our contract has a provision which does allow for direct hires in to a driving position. These hires are called "outside hires" and are hired to fill positions in a ratio of 6:1, meaning UPS must promote 6 inside people for every one outside hire. I was an outside hire back when the ratio was either 2:1 or 3:1. In this economy and with the current production push the chances of getting on as an outside hire are slim at best. Your best bet is to start on the inside and work your way up which is the way the vast majority of drivers did it. Starting on the inside gives you a better understanding of our operation and is a way to "pay your dues" before becoming a driver. Do you need to work on the inside to be a driver? No but as I said it does give you a greater appreciation as to how hard these PTers work in relation to how little they are paid.
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    Thanks for the information. It sounds like I could move forward with an application for a part-time driver position and if I get a call for an interview in 5 years I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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    We have PT air drivers in our center. They start at 7a and are typically done by 10a, sometimes as late as noon. 2 of them were outside hires.
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    What is an air driver?
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    Only deliver/pickup 'air' service packages; such as 'Next Day Air', or International. By the way, the workweek is defined as 'any 5 in 7 days', as opposed to M-F or Tu-Sat.
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    Oh. Thank you. Are those jobs easier to get due to being less desirable for whatever reason?
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    No, harder to get. One air driver describes it as half the work, for two-thirds the pay (rate). Of course you only get 1/2 to 1/3 of the hours. Could be 15 hours or less.
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    There are no part-time (ground) package delivery jobs at UPS. Only full-time. [There are temporary, and cover positions, and driver's helper positions, but those aren't what we're talking about here.]

    The "six-inside-hire to one-outside-hire" ratio does not apply to part-time jobs. Only to selecting full-time drivers. [A supervisor who goes driving is considered the "outside" hire, by the way.]

    I assume you mean "part-time" as in half a day, five days a week. If so, only Air Driving is available, for less money. These jobs go by Seniority among all the existing part-timers. UPS would only hire from the outside if no existing employee wanted the job.

    You can't submit an application and wait five years on the outside for the job to open up. By then other part-timers would have been hired and would presumably be interested in bidding the Air Route.
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    I don't mean to be rude, but it sounds like you to get paid for doing so little,
    while loaders and pre loads busting there ass, and you walk in get :angry: the job, that's not right. sorry
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    I smell TROLL!!