Suggestions how to tolerate the heat

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by rushfan, May 28, 2003.

  1. rushfan

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    Since some are in northern latitudes, maybe we can have some of those in the southern latitudes give suggestions how to deal with the summertime heat.
    I always volunteer to cook during summertime. I bake bread, roast a chicken, and have a dessert prepared by 9.5. My wife really enjoys not cooking during summertime.
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    I keep the house at 72. I hurry home and dont go back out till I have to go back to work the next day[​IMG] Having 4 lakes within 20 minutes of the house makes for nice weekends. Then again, the business I started keeps me around water all the time, so if I get too hot, I just get in. And the critters are a real blast to swim with!

    It used to not bother me much, but any more it just saps it right out.

  3. upsdude

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    Water Water Water!

    I drink water constantly during the warmer months. The day begins with a large glass of water, water with lunch, water with dinner, and water throughout the evening. Wrap a towel around the driver side grab rail. Change shirts around mid afternoon. Theres not much else you can do, and forget all those high tech keep you cool items on TV.
  4. steamheat

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    Do what they told us to do at a recent pcm.
    Wear light colored clothing and take frequent breaks.[​IMG]
  5. browndude

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    you haven't seen heat till you try a summer in the deep south the humidity will kill you worse than the have to drink plenty of water and also get to know all the women on your route who are always laying around their swimming pool that way you get lots of invites to take a quick dip. [​IMG]
  6. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">Drinking water until you are sick of it each day is the best way to help deal with the heat. I started drinking water all through out the day about a year ago and pretty much stopped drinking sodas and fruit drinks during the work week and I could tell a difference after about a month of doing so. I would not tire as easily when workin and felt like I had more energy. On the weekends I'll drink beer sometimes and maybe a little bit of Sprite if I go out to eat but otherwise I drink water. One draw back of drinking water all of the time is that you will make many more trips to the restroom. But then again....I've heard that if you don't have to "pee" once every three hours then you are technically dehydrated so maybe that's not a draw back after all. On the upside....drinking plenty of water along with excercise WILL make you lose weight. I have. So drink water until you are sick of it then when you are sick of it drink more. </font>
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    Nice post upslocal480. I'm very bad about drinking water but you give excellent advice and I'm gonna try and do a better job of following it. In fact, just went an drank a big glass of water as a starter.

    As for hot humid summers in the south. A-Men Brother Browndude! And the older I get the harder it is to deal with it.

    I've never understood all them thar' yankees who retire and move South![​IMG]
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    I turn on the airconditioning in my package car along with a tall glass of lemonaide.
  9. proups

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    480 is dead right - Water is the key. I did the same things he did, and with the same results. Drinking water as you are supposed to throughout the day is the right thing to do for your health. You do need more restroom breaks, but it allows you to cut out the soft-drinks because you would rather have the water! (You can never cut out the adult beverages[​IMG]!)

    I read an article in the paper a couple of weeks back that stated that approximately 72% of the people in the U.S. are dehydrated. It also said that when those people felt hungry, they were actually thirsty and water killed their craving for food.

    Don't misjudge the heat and humidity in the northern states. We have 90+ degree days with heat indexes of over 100 degrees. Admittedly, ours don't start in April or May like in the south, but it does get hot!

    Keep drinking that water - a minimum of eight twelve ounce glasses a day!
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    Best way to beat the heat at UPS is to get a nice job in Business Development. Drink Coffee, wear a nice suit, and don't offend anyone.

    Go UPS!
  11. steamheat

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    Put ice in a small zip lock bag and hold it against the back of your neck whenever you can.
    It really helps.
  12. traveler

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    An old fishing trick I use for the hot sun would work well. Take a ziplock bag with a washcloth soaked in cool tap water. When you are overheated just take out the wash cloth and run it over your face and neck. You will not believe how refreshing it is until you try it on a hot day. The washcloth can be "re-energized" again with cold tap water at any time. Cheap, compact and very effective.
  13. toonertoo

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    Water is it, but the zip lock bags and the cool rag help ALOT. Also putting cool rag on pulse points, and behind the knee, and inside the elbow cool your blood and revive you also. Residential areas with lawn sprinklers (-: and kids with hoses and super soakers are added luxuries!!! they love to find an adult they are aloud to spray!!
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    When I first started I was a pt loader. I used to freeze a gallon milk jug full of water every night. The jug would slowly thaw through the course of the night and was sooooooo refreshing. Best treatment if your starting to feel overheated. Pour that ice water over your head. Instant relief.
  15. feederdryver

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    Same here Tie...

    I even loaded a few of those milk jugs by mistake.. that's how fast I was.