Summoned for Jury duty

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    gotcha .
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    I LOVED jury duty BOTH times I was called. All I know is that the Court House was a HE!! of a lot warmer in Jan. and Feb. in Minnesota than my friggin UPS truck. 1st time I kept everything from the county plus a days wages from UPS. 2nd time I had to give UPS my jury duty pay but got to keep milage check. I remember looking out the 3rd floor window of the court house on a 20 below zero day in feb. and thinking "please don't send me back to work". JURY DUTY ROCKS!!
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    Here if you actually go to Jury Duty you will receive 8 hours minus the $15 you receive from the courts. You must present the receipt to your manager so a payroll adjustement can be entered.

    Having to call each day does not constitute getting the day off