Sup telling me to put packages into wrong trailer (On Topic)

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    I was wondering I went to another belt and loaded a trailer where the supervisor and one other told me to load packages into it that Once use to go into it but no longer do and the way they made it sound like is that it could but the higher up the ones above them really don’t want them to how do I find out if those packages will come back as miss loads or not it just felt shady to me because I know that management and I are not on good terms. Need help bad please because I don’t want to lose my job. On Topic
  2. The Driver

    The Driver I drive.

    All those words and only a couple of periods.

    You're sure it was the wrong trailer? Talk to your shop steward.
  3. Brown Biscuit

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    Work as directed.
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  4. Baba gounj

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    It is not up to you to decide anything.
    That is not your job.
    You work as directed.

    Who knows what could be going on ? Maybe it was a dump feeder, some place to hide packages in order to clean up another area. Or even they could be filling it to move it back to primary to unload , so that everyone looks busy.
  5. Box Ox

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    Write down all the details if you’re worried about it.
  6. eats packages

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    As long as it does not jeopordize your safety or the law then do it. I keep a little notepad since last week, just little things to write down, makes a huge difference in feeling ok about doing potentially shady things.
  7. Wally

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    Sup might be setting him up?
  8. Hammering Truth

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  9. MarvelousMunata

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    Work as directed. Not your fault if the supervisors made you do the wrong thing. Theyre standing right there as youre doing it. Its on camera.
    They cant fire you or put you on notice of discharge for it. If anything they could try writing you up but it wont hold up. Union will help you fight it and then you can file for harassment or whatever....
  10. Old Man Jingles

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    Quite possible it is an approved overflow for the destinations that use to go in the trailer.
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  11. trickpony1

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    To keep from creating an excess outbound load (and trailer) the hub will sometimes "tail load" (where's Inde?) on another trailer that's going by the same center/hub.

    The other (extra) driver will stop by that center/hub and offload the tail load and then proceed to his scheduled/planned destination.

    Kick it back.
  12. Jkloc420

    Jkloc420 Well-Known Member

    You keep posting threads about getting fired every other week, you have a union rep and you should be asking him or her these questions. We dont know your building or the set up or mangement
  13. dudebro

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    To echo the opinions here, work as directed. I'll add a TL;DR piece

    If you're loading a trailer, I'm assuming you're in a hub/local sort. If so, you're using a scanner.

    All loading in the US is "smart" now. If the scanner is pointed to the trailer you're in, and you scan packages, and the scanner links them, then they go there. If they don't, it's on management and the IE department, not you. There's a record of the scans and the load content they're mapped to, so they can't blame you if the packages didn't belong there.

    Even if you're on a preload - there's probably preload smart scanning there by now.

    If they specifically told you NOT to scan, then everyone already knows there's a problem...
  14. polyp

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    The newer facilities don't have the Motorola scanners for loaders, only irreg sweeps.

    The design is that the scan is done when the system reads the packages as they arrive at the PD. Just like old-school inbound scans, but you have one central station for the belt instead of one per door.

    It is a nice thought on paper. In reality results are mixed. The system still missorts and now you have to rely on loaders reading correctly in order to prevent service failures. And reading is slower than smart scanning. So most loaders don't do it.

    They could still hand out the scanners to loaders and get the best of both systems. Won't, though.
  15. specter208

    specter208 Active Member

    I would ask the sup if that trailer is the overflow and see what he says. If you suspect shadiness them make sure that you have some Union witnesses around and let your steward know. Let the steward know so that you have backup in case management try's to set you up for something, the steward will have knowledge of this already.