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    I am an art. 22 guy. for the last 5 years art. 22 people were allowed to work super saturday. Last year mgmt decided only part timers can work SS. we filed a grevience based on past practice and extra work. as a result, people who signed up got back pay.

    This year, guess what? mgmt again decided that only part timers can work SS. I could not believe the audacity of this move. they know that we will file a grievance again and they know we will win back pay again. I had know idea mgmt hated art. 22 people that much.:mad:

    Did this happen in your center? I would be curious to know if this is area wide or just in our center (earth city, mo)

    By the way I dont mind sitting at my computer at home while being paid 40.00 / hour of o/t. But still it's the principle of the whole thing.

    brown bear
  2. we had some art. 22 people the saturday after thanksgiving... I didnt bother going to the rest of the saturdays so I cant tell u if they came in for them but deffinatly worked the first saturday (thanksgiving weekend)

    oak creek wi
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    I our center the asked if full timers would work, only 3 guys said they would, if they need you they would call you ,otherwise it was all saturday air guys.:w00t:
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    I think it SHOULD be that way. Not only do us as part timers not get anything better than you FT's besides benefits because UPS pays for ours, but our pay sucks, we don't get that many hours and the saturday pay is meager as well but I'll take anything I can get.

    SS is a scheduled work day for saturday air drivers, they should only call in the 22.3's as demand dictates if they don't have enough drivers.

    Let us get at least the scraps that fall off your tables. I work 6 days a week and am LUCKY to net 240 a week. I make 10/hr at night and 12.50/hr when I drive airs...and now that all the bid air jobs and exception air jobs during the week got axed by 22.3's, we don't even have a shot at that anymore.
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    Yeah parttime pay sucks :(!
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    So get a full time job! I could never afford to live on part time pay, so I never did. You shouldn't either.
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    I'm a part-time cover driver. I work full time though and I am not planning on working this Saturday unless they offer double time at cover driver rate. I am not allowed to work the other 51 saturdays due to having a 6th report so I don't think they can force you to work this one. However, if they offer, I'll accept the double time. It should be a crazy scattered day as it's not a normal sort with the normal pre-load so you'll have lots of people that aren't used to the extra volume and drivers that aren't used to having 50-100 stops so it will probably be a disaster.
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    I don't understand why 22.3's would be entitled to the work if its part time work. 22.3's are full time. If the work is to be offered to full time then it should go to full time drivers first. Are 22.3's asking to be allowed to work saturdays and waive the 8 hour guarantee?
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    I mean, isn't it almost a given that when you work as a UPS part timer that you have to work another job to survive? I don't think anybody thinks you can survive on part time wages. Working part time is just something you have to do to get to full time.
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    Yup, starting off driving part time is a step towards full time, IMO!

    Elm Grove, WI
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    all of our article 22.3 people work saturdays here. Every saturday that is. Now they will probably force all of us fulltimers to work again this saturday like they did last year......if you have the was a waste of time. there wasn't that much air, so they had us run the air that we were suppose to deliver on monday.

    Free money is always good. I would rather be at home though.
  12. hoser

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    a lot of people work p/t for good reason; school, significant other can support them, stay at home parents, supported people that just want something to do..
  13. I don't expect to live on it, but the pay still sucks lol
  14. hoser

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    we got a huge COLA increase and with the tuition reimbursement, i can't go wrong. for a uni student who lives at home, it's :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
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    no, they post an intent sheet. they use air drivers first and then who ever signed sheet and then force from bottom up if they need more drivers.
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    there is no 8-hour guarntee on super saturday and we art 22 guys know that. the company tried to use that as an excuse last year and the union laughed in their faces. that is why we got the back pay last year and we will get it this year. the company would rather pay the top 5 seniority people and work the low paid part timers. the company feels they are coming ahead financially.

    what really infuriates me is other major corporations treat high seniority people with the utmost respect. at ups we get treated like s**t.:mad::confused:1
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    Hoser, cut the crap already would you. You stick your opinion in every subject too often, to be just a "Uni student living at home". Let's face it, you've spent many years at UPS as a fulltime employee. You must to have, to be able to know everything like you do. Thats why we all know your dannyboy.