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    What up guys and gals? So since the SuperBowl is in San Francisco *Santa Clara*, my hub is S.F. And all the festivities are in the city. Traffic is already a nightmare and getting worse. Sections of the city are completely blocked off. Was wondering if anybody else on here have any experience with the job while your city was hosting the Big Game? Just curious...back to lunch
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    The 1980 Winter Olympics were held in our delivery area. This was before I started working here but from what I heard we were only allowed near the venues early in the morning. It was a huge pain in the butt.

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    We have a National NHRA Drag race every year in my area. It pretty much shuts the town down because we aren't that big to begin with. It does bring a ton of money in though. Its impossible to get a motel room or campsite within 75 miles.
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    you could probably rent out a room for 1000 bucks a night. i seen some people are getting 3000 a night for the whole house.
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    That's my move.
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    No, that's Pee Wee's move
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    the line is only 4.5 points to denver. i'm betting the house that carolina will cover. i'm only 20 minutes from sports book so i'll book your bets for a 10 percent fee.
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