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    I was relieved of my duties the other day as a result of a lengthy unexcused absence. I was injured in a motor vehicle accident and to make a long story short a month later was denied my disability claim as UPS was unable to retrieve proper documents from the treating hospital. I provided my doctors notes (both of them) to the region HR Manager and did not hear back from him only to receive a letter to state that I have been relieved of my duties as a UPS employee. I was instructed not to return until the HR manager or my boss contacted me but they never did. I have provided all of the information that I can at this point but I don't have any more information than what the Hospital can provide. I tried reapplying online to check my rehire status but it says that I am not eligible as I would assumer I was given a "no rehire status". Can this be changed ? In all honesty I have done absolutely nothing wrong here. I was a part time supervisor so obviously I have no union backing...
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    UPS does not fire arbitrarily, you need to provide all the details so people can comment on your situation. What communication between UPS and yourself took place during the month referenced.

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    At the beginning it was minimal as I was incapacitated for the first week and a half. As the time passed I needed time to recoup and had fild my disability claim immediately. Almost 1 month later the disability claim was denied for the reason I had stated above. I provided the doctors information to the District HR manager but he did not get back to me as what i needed to do...
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    Get a lawyer.

    I hope you didn't sign any documents when UPS fired you.
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    YOU should have kept in touch with them. good luck/. if feel bad for you. you know or should have known document every thing and keep in touch with as much as you have to its diffrent for each case. I hope things work out for you.LIFE Throws some wicked curve balls and ups is a great pitcher in the game/ That goes for everyone drivers pt sups it only takes a minute or 2 when you get home document your day a brief summary and keep it you may never need to look at it But if you do you will be happy you kept a genaral record The days we all do blend in to fast/ its a good thing to have.. date feb 6 06 exzample route 1 e day ok no missed no late nda,s 3 months later they say you missed deliverd a pkg on route 3 e on on feb 6 are you gonna remember that? you look at your log i was on route 1 e . Later you find out some one miss deliverd that package it was driver who was doing missloads..mistakes happen on both sides but its good to keep your own record.
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    If you were terminated for unexcused absence then perhaps UPS is saying you failed to provide adequate documentation to support your contention. Now if you were in intensive care and unconscious for two weeks that would be easily verified. UPS usually, is on firm ground legally when they make these decisions.

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    Couldn't someone in your family kept UPS appraised of the situation on your behalf? You have to keep the the parties up to date if you expect to receive compensation. Somebody dropped the ball.