Supervisor screams at me, I scream back…..

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by NextDayAirMan, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Just got in from my extended peak season twilight shift. I am a 29 yr old air hub loader responsible for getting packages into containers onto planes so they can get to Louisville. My supervisor is a new supervisor (20 years old) and tonight he wrote me up citing I wasn’t scanning all of the packages at the end of the night. I refused to sign. I guess I took offense to the way this young sup addressed me so we got into a screaming match. Normally I scan all of the packages but when it comes down to crunch time, I skip the scanning to make sure the packages get on the plane on time. The on call package cars come in at 8:30pm and the plane leaves at 9:30pm on the dot. The last container has to be out by 9:15pm, weighed in the scale house and loaded into the plane. I figure it is better to deliver the packages on time to the customer and save the company the cost of refunding the customer for delayed service than to worry about a departure scan showing up on the tracking website. There have been times when I scan all the packages and 9:15pm comes around, containers are pulled and we have Next Day Air packages left on the belt that don’t make the plane. Am I wrong in my thinking? What recourse do I have in this situation besides meeting him in the parking lot?
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    You did the right thing in my eyes , although instead of screaming you should have explained that the envelope of time you had to perform the task was impaired by the lack of manpower you had to do the job correctly.
    Unfortunately all upper management cares about is that every package gets scanned.They dont care anymore if they get to thier destination.
    Your 20 year old sup has been told that scanning every package is the most important thing and its his job to insure that they are.You are just an employee so just do as instructed and shut up.If they miss the plane its not your fault.Sad but true.
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    Your last line makes me wonder again if you have problems with the age issue. The boss is right here. You even admit he was right when he kicked your but for not scanning every package. The answer is not to fight the guy when you tell us he was right but to do your job.

    DS I'm shocked to see you defend this guy.
  4. NextDayAirMan

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    Ok, both of you are right……


    “I’ll just do my job and “shut up”


    You are right, I have to adjust to having a younger boss, and I will work on that. However my good sir I respectfully disagree with your statement “The customer pays us for that scanning service”. I’m only seasonal and will go back to “customer” status in January. As a customer I just want UPS to deliver my package according to the service I select and pay for. The scanning service is just an added convenience in my eyes since everyone offers it. I would be more upset if I paid for Next Day Early A.M service and my package was not delivered before 8:30am versus not seeing a "departure scan" on the tracking website. I should be less caring.
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    I'm shocked to see the company put this guy, as well as many others, in a "double bind" situation where he is, essentially, damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.
    The company does this so well, playing a person's good nature and strong work ethic against him/her, projecting their inadequacies upon the worker and then punishing the worker for it.
    I have also heard the "it's more important for the customer to know where their package is (through tracking) than to actually have the package" and I think it ranks right up there will "stealing power" (from the package car electrical system) as the DUMDEST thing I have ever heard.
    I do agree with Tieguy.
    Scan all the packages, if some don't make it, oh well. The company will come up with some half-a##ed excuse to tell the customer why they aren't entitled to a refund.

    NextDayAirMan- don't cast your pearls before swine. You're still gonna get paid the same whether you do a good job or not. The company, apparently, doesn't want you to do a good job and there won't be a little something extra in your paycheck for scanning everything and getting everything in the "can", "igloo" or whatever they are called now.

    You won't go home all torn up inside from worrying about this crap if you'll do as you're told and remember...........

    the pay is the same.
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    Scan all the packages, if the packages don't make the can then it's on the sup's back.
    You didn't say if you had union represention or that you signed your rights away to them. Talk to your steward or union rep and get the write up thrown out. It happens all the time.
  7. rod

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    The Union always told us "the company has the right to run their own business into the ground" . Sad, but that's life. Work as directed and keep your fingers crossed that Atlanta wakes up before it's too late. I have my doubts.
  8. hoser

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    work as directed. if that plane leaves late, tell them that you were working as directed, scanning packages. it's crucial that you scan packages. and if you write them up, sh-t disturb by more intelligent means. refuse to sign and say you want a union rep, and walk out. yelling at your supervisor is just stupid and gets you absolutely nowhere but further burn bridges.

    and the 'age issue' is a non issue. if you don't like having a boss that's younger than you, find another line of work, like self-employment. or if you can't beat them, join them. otherwise, work as directed, even if your sup is a decade younger than you.

    ups is not running their business into the ground. they've been running it this way for a century and they keep turning profits. the union just wants you to believe that they're right and the company that signs your paycheque is wrong, and sadly, you bought into it.
  9. rod

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    NO they haven't been running it this way for a hundred years. It wasn't long ago that the whole UPS program was built on the idea of "making an attempt to deliver EVERY package EVERY day". Now if I am reading these posts right they would rather make sure everything is scanned rather than worry about actually delivering the package. If that isn't heading the company toward the crapper I don't know what is.
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    Hey, aren't you a seasonal looking for a year round job?
    No offense man, but fighting with sups isn't the smartest thing to do when your at their mercy.
    You probably already screwed yourself when it comes to getting anything better than seasonal job now.
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    It seems, like everything else in this company, he doesnt have enough time to get what they want done. However, the solution is not to deviate from the method. Keep to the methods, and when the plane leaves late enough times, they will correct the time allowance problem. Its no different than delivering packages. We are required to be in no later than 14 hours punch to punch. If I am dispatched with 15 hours, I bring back missed pieces. You do that enough, THEY WILL lighten your load.
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    "....THEY WILL lighten your load.".
    Ya think so?
    ....or will they make veiled threats such as "........are you telling me you can't do it?". (I've heard this one before)
    .....or the popular " come the other drivers in your loop or the coverage guy that covers on vacation can do it?"
    .....or "......we'll schedule a three day ride with you in the future.".

    All of these are designed to intimidate the driver.
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    Getting the package delivered on time is the most important thing we have to offer, so why leave packages in a building due to lack of a scan? It was the same dumb idea when they came down with a rule of nobody working over 9.5 hours, trying to hold everyone to less overtime. I just ignored the effort to "look good" over "get the job done" and did what needed to be done for my customers and for myself. We are all expected to work smart and efficiently, so let's shake out the dumb and improve the company.
  14. hoser

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    You're right, times have changed since the 1920s. Now every day consumers can ship packages with UPS, even using company-supplied boxes instead of brown paper boxes tied together with string. Now casual consumers can not only ship, but know where their package is and the status of that package. Now hubs are automated and have higher productivity, cutting costs. Now inventory control is done through wireless scanning devices, deliveries are done with information acquisition devices that are no larger than a binder (and could be way smaller if UPS chose).

    Technology has advanced, and employees have to adapt. This technology exists so we can deliver EVERY package EVERY day. Gone are the days when our only accounts were blue-chip companies and mail order services.

    Missed scans piss off customers, and cause disasters when traces are being done. To suggest that doing departure scans is a sign of "the company (heading) toward the crapper" is just ridiculous. You obviously don't know what a failed company (let alone a failed fortune500 company) looks like.

    Here's the thing: UPS' core systems approach has not changed since 1907. Get employee. Highly regiment employees tasks. Work employee into ground. Automate where it's most efficent and cuts costs. Fordism.
    You are; this is UPS, employees aren't supposed to be empowered or to take pride in their work. Your job is to work as directed. Having express shipments get burned is none of your business, your 20 year old supervisor would take the heat for that. Work as directed. Scan packages.

    Maybe you should quit before you do something stupid again. You wonder why a 20 year old is the boss and you're not? You should get and get a job in a mill if you're this immature and have such explosive temper when faced with the slightest adversity. UPS could do well without this crap in its workforce.
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    If you're planning on being more than just a seasonal employee after peak season, just smile and nod and work as directed.
    After December you should be in the union, unless you're in a region governed by a local supplement to the national agreement.

    After that time, if you ever again feel as if you are being mistreated, locate and bitch to the full-time supervisor for your area. If that fails locate and bitch to your shop steward. Nothing gives that little **** the right to treat you that way.
  16. rod

    rod retired and happy

    I wasn't talking about UPS in the 1920's. You must be a real rookie if you don't remember no more than 10 years ago when a driver had to make an attempt to deliver EVERYTHING in his pkg car or there would be hell to pay. NO packages were left in a building. Many many times I would get to a certain stop and find a ground package or two that had been misloaded in another car and that driver had called the center to have a sup or center manager bring it to my route. I was expected to deliver them no matter even if it involved backtracking miles. Should UPS go back to that solution? Probably not- but for the life of me I can't understand why leaving a totally deliverable package in the center (especially a NDA pkg) just because it hasn't been scanned is a better idea. If you were waiting on a part for a broke down machine what would you rather have- a copy of some useless tracking # or the part itself? Oh that's right you would rather have a tracking #.
  17. trickpony1

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    Very well said!:clap:
    I was in pkg cars in the early 80's. We had paper delivery records and hell would pay if any packages were brought back.
    These newer people don't have a clue what it was like back then.
  18. diadlover

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    Haven't the routes grown just a little bit larger compared to the 1980's? The paper delivery thing comes up quite a bit and how so very hard and time consuming it was, but from what I hear the drivers back then weren't exactly "honest" with it.
  19. browniehound

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    Diadlover, great post. If us drivers now are a tad bit dishonest (scanning our last air stop at 10:29 and actually getting there at 10:34) using the diad, which is more restrictive in what you can do, I can only imagine the abuse that went on with paper records! P.S. I've only been around since 1999.
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    You don't mention anything about a Union steward being present...

    It's not so much about a departure scan showing up on the tracking web site as it is about the numbers for your facillity... Tracking your volume...