Supervisors Bullying Me

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  1. my supervisors say that since i use to unload trailers in 50 minutes, that i have to do that from now on. everyone else takes about 70-80 minutes per trailer. they tell everyone else that 60 minutes is the goal time.

    im part of the union.

    they also are moving non-union workers into the preload and saying that i dont do well enough in the preload. i've never had more than one week to work any of the pulls in the preload.

    what can i do?
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    What did your shop steward say when you told him?
  3. he didn't say anything, he just sat there the whole time, like a bad lawyer.

    on top of that, i think the main supervisor is doing this because me and my brother messed with him at a bus stop like 5-6 years ago when we were kids. i know he remembers, he has too.
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    Just tell them that the saftey pcm`s have taught you how to work safely,instead of quickly.Now you avoid twisting,and observe the hand to surface rule.
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    If you have seniority you have no worries. And these are 40' ers, right?
    You got a bad steward, ask the driver shop steward what he thinks about this.
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    Tell the supervisor that you need a demonstration on how to work that fast and safely. They will go away after a few minutes!
  7. by 40' ers, do you mean 40 year olders, lol. if so, then yes, they are all probley in there 40's. why does ups hire 40 year old rejects as supervisors?

    they made me unload all today and i did each trailer in 1 hour and 30 minutes, lmao. AND, when this superviser replace my sorter, i purposely sped up and kept pushing the boxes as hard as i could when she went to grab them, lol. she got so :censored2: and i heard her later say that 'something' really :censored2: her off.

    can i purposely get a job in the preload just to mess up and make their lives hell? if so, how long do they have to keep me down there?

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    Tell him/her that you are doing the best you can, and working safely.
    There are no time standards when it comes to unloading.
    Ask him/her to demonstrate for 2 trailers, make sure not to touch a single package while he is "training" you.
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    File a grievance and contact your local
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    You must be new. I remember my first years,(on preload) I would just bust my arse! I kept on being told by much higher sinoritiy (just downloaded the spell check) to slow down.

    Well, I kept getting harrased after slowing due to them giving me to handle more that I could due to being a show off.:blushing: So they were mad because I would do the extra work that they gave me.

    So I went driving in 2001 and wouldn't you know it, I was a bad arse there too.:blush: So they kept on giving me more and more work till I took my own advice of, "WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER".:thumbup1:

    So now I only do what needs to be done. They will not expect anymore out of you. They will not be bad, but glad when you give alittle help once in awhile.:w00t:
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    My shop stewards do the same thing whenever I have a problem. They stand there appearing interested and blow me off when I tell them I want to file a grievance. If I were you, I'd ask your shop steward for your business agent's phone number, or google to see if your local has a website.

    Call them, give as much information as possible and the names of everybody involved and say you want to file a grievance. Don't take no for an answer, because it's your right to a file one. From your story, it appears that you're being excessively supervised, which may have an applicable grievance procedure. If you are in the same physical condition as the other unloaders, you should all be held to the same standard.

    Non-union workers? Do you mean supervisors? If supervisors are working, call your local's office and tell them who was working, what they were doing and for how long. Article 3 Section 7 of the National Master Agreement says that a supervisor's job is to supervise you, not do your job. Management is responsible for ensuring that an adequate number of bargaining unit employees are in the building when operations begin, even if they to call in more help from other shifts, make people from earlier shifts work late or call in people from other centers to do coverage work. If by non-union you mean new hires that have not yet obtained seniority, they are allowed to do bargaining unit work.

    You deserve respect on the job, so make sure your voice is heard, and encourage your co-workers to speak up.
  12. alright, yesturday i went to the center manager and told him that i want to be a sorter(i dont think they'll let me be in the pre-load but not that i think about it, they haven't really trained me fully on it)...but he said that he'll talk to my supervisor...

    today, im unloading trailers again. i was told by the center manager, unload supervisor, and another supervisor that they want me to unload trailers in 60 minutes for a while to prove something(they never even said what, lol) to them and then they'll consider moving me to the pre-load or give me the sorter position.

    can they actually do this? make me unload trailers for a couple of weeks?

    i felt like they were trying to 'play' me so i went to the local union office but the guy wasn't there, so ill have to go back tommarrow.

    i've been doing trailers in 80 minutes and i've heard that they are going to fire me for 'proven dishonesty' because they have documentation that i have done them faster.

    are these people full of **** or am i just arrogant?

    also, i want to go in with a peice of paper that lists the positions i want and i want them to sign and date them. should i just put down "I, John Smith, would like to be moved to these positions...
    1. Pre-load
    2. Sorter
    3. 7th Person
    Signed:_______________ Date:______"? if not, please help!

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    26' .
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    Take a stand,are you a man or a ...mouse
  15. i must be a mouse. im just going to give 100% in finding another job. i've seen to many people ****ed over by this company. i dont want to work there for like 10-20 years and then get ****ed over and have to restart. id rather get a job where i can move up and dont have to worry about being treated like a peice of ****.
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    If you want out of your current area, the contract states that anybody with six or more months of seniority has the right to be switched to a preferred classification, although you don't have a choice as to where they place you.
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    We often see this scenario. Despite what you believe you are not unloading trailers faster then everyone else. you are in fact much slower and have thus become the least best guy. Your supervisor may hold a grudge against you for something that happened five years ago but your center manager was not there at that bus stop and holds no grudges. You have to do your time and earn your keep before you start demanding easier jobs.
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    K this is what you do the bare minunmum always At u.p.s Simply act like a retard and not do any supervisor any favors. Take your time with everything if the tell you to hurry say You need to be SAFE. No supervisor theere carees about your SAFTY so you need to be. There is no #'s be they packages per hour or unloaded you can not be fired for not meeting the numbers. They will simply harras you a ton and try to make you follow theyre numbers. Then they will get so tired off harraseing you they can Disqualify from the job. then the will find you a job that a retard can do sinse thas what the think you are by now. and then you will get your easier job.
  19. You must not be a very fast unloader if they put a female sorter on you. When I was a sorter they always tried to pair up the fastest unloaders withthe fastest sorters, and, all sexism aside, the female sorters were NOT among the fastest. Although, I must admit that I do recall seeing a couple of female unloaders that had above average speed.
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    females have a lot more energy than you'd assume...