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    When you file your sups working grievance, what type of format do you use? Do you put exact time worked? Where it was? Who it was? etc etc

    Also, im in local 952, southwest region. Who gets paid on grievances? Lets say for example I file one for my immediate supervisor working on my belt and I'm second in seniority. Do I get paid because I'm filing it or does the highest seniority worker get paid. How about if I file on a supervisor thats not on my belt?

    I researched my contract and wasn't able to find answers these questions.

    Input appreciated!
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    Hi - glad to hear you're upholding the contract by grieving.

    Our union reps have forms that are filled out. There is an area for you to describe the situation. We just keep track of how much time they are spending and write it down.
    ex: On such and such date pt sup dillweed spent 90 minutes sorting pkgs and doing tape-ups.

    pt sup bdmiz spent 40 minutes unloading.

    There's no need to say "pt sup sorted from 5:30 - 6:30" and so forth. We just tally up the minutes.

    The form has areas for what article of the contract has been violated, your center, your ID number and so forth - union rep can help you fill that out.

    If you're second in seniority and the first in seniority also files, I believe he will get the bucks. If he doesn't file, you should get it. Yes, you can grieve a sup outside your own area if you actually see them working. For example, from my perch on the sort aisle I can see a couple of the preload belts. If those sups are working within my sight I can grieve it and again, if I'm high seniority, I'll get the bucks.

    One thing I'm not sure of is if you grieve another area and someone in that specific area also grieves.

    Also not sure that your center union reps operate the same as ours.

    Someone who knows more detail will probably come in and clear this up for you. Take care and good luck!
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    BDMIZ Dillweed has it right. Talk to your steward, he can help you fill the grievance out. The language is under Art. 3 sect 7 in the National Master. Also, your steward will investigate the times and talk to the sup. Most sups, when confronted by the steward, will tell them what they want to know. Don't be shy about asking a sup why they are handling pkgs. You have every right to ask. They will either stop doing it or give you a reason (sometimes legitimate, sometimes not) why.

  4. bubsdad

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    There are only 2 legitimate reasons; 1.Supe was clearing the egress. 2. Supe had an hourly employee watching him. Anytime service is advanced and either of these are not a factor it is grievable.
  5. dilligaf

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    Yep, you pretty much covered it!:happy-very:
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    Hmmm...not so here. And notice I said, HERE!

    Few years ago, we had train derailment passing through. UPS pups and railboxes laying all over. I had feeder laydown run and got back on Sun morn. The only brown tractor that shoulda been working on Sun. Saw feeder tractors coming into yard as I was leaving. Found out later that all supes with CDLs were called in to run trailers to site and back. No hourlies were called. Had names, times, numbers, the works. Asked all senior drivers that had hours available if they wanted to file. Well, guess what? Nobody wanted to. Too scared. So I did!

    Won the grievance. But, you know what? The top senior drivers got paid! Me? NADA! :angry-very2:

    You know what else what? I don't file on these things any more. Sorry, bad attitude here. I know I should, but I don't. If you ain't got enuff stones to stand up for yourself, then I ain't gonna do your work. I ain't no steward. :greedy:
  7. dilligaf

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    That's not right Race. No one else filed no one else should have been paid. I can certainly understand your lack of enthusiasm on filing. :happy2:
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    Number 1 is not allowed, if the sup was doing his/her job in the first place the egress ahould not get blocked. If they are not doing their job and this happens it is a grievance, at least here. We do not have the emergency condition language that allows sups to work.

    The person filing the grievance is the grievant in most cases.
  9. UnsurePost

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    There are more than that.
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    I don't have my contract next to me, but doesn't the contract only state three? One is to demonstrate safety, to train an employee, or the newly added 'act of god'? Not sure if I'm right or not, but I think that's all the contract states.
  11. UnsurePost

    UnsurePost making the unreadable unreadabler

    Yes, and bubsdad did not state 3, which is why I said "there are more than that".

    Back in February there was an accident on the highway before our midnight shift. All of the supervisors were covering employees who were going to be late. this is a good example of the "act of God" language.
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    i never file on these since most of the time the sups are helping me out since there stuff that im still learning to do they teach me how to do it so i dont get tired or tricks they learned. when they do work it might be cause of heavy flow so only work for 5 minutes or so unless a lot of ppl are missing.
    but most of the time we can talk to their supervisor and he will handle it.
  13. Solidarity413

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    Yeah, I hear ya. Gotta love that act of god language. Wonder if we could still file and say they should've expected the unexpected. Someone should try it. It is their methods :wink2:
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    I filed 2 grievances last week for supervisors working. I was told I would get paid and I'm near the bottom of the seniority list. Nobody else filed that I am aware of. They cut a few positions out of our sort, we can't make pull times, so supervisors were working trying to make those pull times. I will continue to file as long as they work.
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    not right but it happens occassionally... his grievance might have been settled with a bunch of other grievances and awarded to someone else as the settlement...also they could have just forgotten to pay him, too bad he didn't follow up on it
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    I recall one night during peak on the twi when one coordinator yelled at us saying that the supervisor of the area could work... it was "emergency conditions!" hahaha it was a good time, cuz i thought he was gonna have a heart attack right there cuz he was so angry:angry: haha!
  17. City Driver

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    yup, just keep filing

    if you all consistantly cant do the work in the time they give you, that does not mean they have exhausted all reasonable resources to get the job done by teamsters

    it means they need to hire more workers, or bring other teamsters over to your area

    file file file
  18. SupraFast

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    Supervisors can work in the following conditions from my understanding:

    1. Employee goes to the bathroom and nobody is available to cover.
    2. Too many employees have no call no shows and not enough employees to cover.
    3. To clear egress situations.
    4. To train an employee.
    5. An employee leaves the work area without notifying a supervisor and there is nobody available to cover.

    I am a part-time supervisor in a sort isle. The typical situations where I find myself working are when an employee has to use the bathroom and when there are boxes on the floor in the sort isle.

    I usually have a PF sorter (PF is the name of the recycle belts that come from a boxline). This sorter is the extra guy I have in the sort isle that runs the recycle belts, scans the packages without labels with the ispa, and does tape ups. I would usually have him cover a guy who needs to use the bathroom. Sometimes he's not available to use. For example, if a package car backs up and he's my extra guy to sort that bay. If he's already covering someone who is in the bathroom and someone else needs to go to the bathroom. If the recycle belts are really heavy and he needs to sit on them.

    What I find myself doing during the day with respect to working is just clearing up egress. I will pick boxes up off the floor and put them back on the belt for the sorters to sort, or move them to one side of the sort isle, or just sort the boxes myself off the floor that have labels. It really just depends on the egress situation. If it's blocking a stairwell, I will never hesitate to move the box away through any means necessary.

    I take egress seriously. I too want to work in a safe as can be work environment. I don't want to have to climb over boxes and etc. So yes, I'm going to take the liberty to clear boxes off the floor and from the stairwell.
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    Negative. Let's be real here. Supervisors are responsible for the work area, yes. It is the employees who create the egress situations and choose not to clear it. I too am an employee of UPS and want to work in a safe work enviornment. If I see something unsafe, I'm going to correct the situation immediately.

    If I disciplined every employee for creating a egress situation and not following my instructions to clear it up, we would not have many long term employees at UPS.

    The truth is, some things need to be over looked and certain scenarios need to be taking into consideration. If you have a guy sorting at a bay and a few of his boxes fall on the floor, he's not going to care if you pick it up for him. He would much rather have that little bit of assistance rather than having to bend down and pick it up off the floor himself. If I instructed him to stop his bay and clear that minor egress situation, he's not going to be very happy with me. So it works both ways. Management and Union Employees need to work with each other in certain scenarios.

    Samething with heavy packages. I get plenty of employees who ask for my assistance in helping them sort a heavy package.

    Basically the issue is, if a Supervisor is doing minor things such as this, it's not really grounds for a grievance and nobody really cares. If you have a Supervisor actually performing a Union job for a consistent amount of time, then yes, it is questionable and grounds for a grievance based on the reason the Supervisor is working.
  20. UnsurePost

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    A P/T sup does not discpline or fire anyone, so your fairy tale sounds noble and very team-oriented ( clearing egress) but it is not very honest with yourself.