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    Hi I am a pt worker at a air hub in southern california. I see supervisors working ie pushing cans off, connecting tug driver to cans, unloading packages. Am I going to get paid for each instance a certain amount of time, or do I physicaly have to watch the sup the whole time working begining to end.

    And things like pushing air container, which should be done by an hourly, last on a minute or two. So am I only going to get paid for a minute or two of work?

    Ok thanks!
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    Section 7. Supervisors Working
    (d) . . . if the actual hours worked by the supervisor amounts to two (2) hours or less, the aggrieved employee will be paid for the actual hours worked by the supervisor at the rate of double time the employee’s rate of pay at the time of the incident; or if the supervisor works more than two (2) hours, the aggrieved employee shall be paid four (4) hours at straight time or actual hours worked at double time the employee’s rate of pay at the time of the incident, whichever is greater.

    Read all of Article 3, Section 7, and the Supervisor Working language in your Supplement as well here. . .
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    Talk to your Steward and grieve that sup, or those. And no, you don't have to watch them all the time, and you would get paid more even if the sup worked like a minute or two. By the way, is the sup certified to do that job...?

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    If you want it to stop greive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Transfer to the east. Would love to have you in my location. All my guys care about is going home. Very frustrating nobody has a set !
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    Same in this area. I've tried to get employees interested but it doesn't work out. However, just a few can make a difference, too.

    A few weeks ago our "big boss" sort manager was working for several consecutive days. I believe it was a numbers thing, being end of the month. No one working alongside this manager said a thing. A bunch of us grieved him and other sups, I think we had 14 grievances two weeks ago and also a couple other stewards grieved 100 hours in one day when they walked the building.

    IF only people had a set, is right. Since then, all quiet on the western front for now...
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    Still a little confused. So if the sup loads packages for 1 minute, I'm gonna get paid for 1 of minute double pay?

    Is this B.S. a co worker was telling me that if there is not enough people to do the work the sup has the right to do it?

  8. PT Stewie

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    Its common sense . The 1 minute thing is silly. If the sup keeps working ( longer than a minute) of course you have the right to "politley ask him to stop. If it continues talk to your steward.
    Here is an example when they work I do not like it but what can you do: Friday nights in the summer the plan is for 100,000 and the maning is 175 ( just arbituary numbers) and 25 guys call out .You know they are not all sick. The customers have to be taken care off, so the sups help. Somtimes we are our own worst enemy.
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    But is this truly an act of God that allows them to work? I understand your point completely and agree with it, but there are times when management doesn't do enough to replace the workforce that is out sick, or on vacation, or using an optional day, but yet use the excuse that no one wants to work. How far down that path do you let the company meander before you call the bluff?
  10. PT Stewie

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    I agree with you completeley it is a slippery slope and thought that when typing my previous post. Sups working get uner my skin more that anything but I am a voice in the wilderness. My local although ok does not make it a priority all the time and most of the workers are apathetic.
  11. iowa boy

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    90% of my coworkers are the same way, very apathetic and some don't want me to say anything. And that to me is just sad. If you don't speak up, who will?
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    you should check your supplement and see what the language is ,talk to your steward and ask him any questions you might have about the language in your contract.if you see a sup working and you understand your language take a witness anyone will do,ask the sup what his full name is and exactly how long he has been performing hourly work,sometimes its better to watch for a few minutes to observe them.look for details like how much this guy is sweating or if his ups polo is off,this can tell you if he is answering the witness and the sup in your as far as how much time you will get paid is really a gray area in real life,i know what the contract says but what you will really get is probably another thing.they will use the same old reasons for their working to many call ins need to ask the sup if they used all the resources availible to them like calling in double shifters,you should notate this in your grievance as all this being said let me tell you the rest of the story and this is not to stop you from filing but just to tell you the hates these types of grievances more than anything else and will now hate you the same,expect retalleation even though they are not supposed to,if you have an attendance problem or even just borderline you will begin to get dicipline for this and any thing else you do.this is just the truth dont let it sway you one way or the other.
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    The main doubt here is the "2 minutes" thing. I think you should file a grievance saying that the employer violated pay provisions affecting most or the whole time of the shift. And place the "to be made whole in every way" in the remedy requested line. That way the Union is the one that has to investigate. And they should be able to figure out what you will get paid. Make sure you have a couple of witnesses that back up what you're saying, and say he/she was affecting the whole process of the shift. And remember a supervisor can only work because of an act of GOD. And they can work until a bargaining unit employee is available. But remember, just because of an act of GOD; not because the company failed to maintain a suitable schedule, or because of another mistakes of themselves.
  14. jalnar

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    Tell the p/t sup a grievance is coming with their name on it. This sometimes scares them because they do not want their name on a grievance. When I am in a grievance hearing having your name tossed around is not good for them.
  15. Blizzard

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    so many games. file your grievance , collect your money and move on. you don't need us to give you courage do you?
  16. Nimnim

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    I just started filing supervisor grievances myself. Volume is down so they started pushing our midnight start time back to the point of me losing on average an hour a week even doing extra work at the end of the night. Yet with volume down I still see supervisors working, so I started filing, though I do have a general rule that I'm following. Less than 5 minutes, it'll take me longer to write the grievance, but I'm willing to change that if this keeps up too much longer.

    I've talked to my hub manager when he asked me about my grievances and I told him flat out, "Volumes down, we're getting our start time pushed back. So there's no reason for a supervisor to be working." He agrees, but I still think he won't do anything til I have a mountain of grievances or more people start filing, either way I'll get paid eventually.

    Keep in mind everyone has a point where they can't ignore the problem anymore, after 5 and a half years this was mine. I work with a steward, and give another a drive into work, and they both agree that everyone has a point and that they can't force people to file. So my advice is to look for your reasoning and set yourself up a way to do it. No matter what, you're going to get some flak for it, just do your work and keep an eye out while never being afraid of calling them out on any retaliation attempts.

    *edit - forgot a "they"
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    Supervisors either don't care about the contract(ie stealing money from you) or are coerced by their bosses to work to keep their numbers down. Either way its stealing money from you and your other hourlies pockets. Take down as much info as possible(where they are working, what they are doing, how long) And like they like to do in our building, send people home and then claim they aren't staffed in other parts of the building.

    Grieve it and if they talk to you about it later on, simply ask that if they are wanting to discuss a grievance that you'd like the presences of a steward or you're not going to further the conversation. If they continue to badger you or threated you about it, file a harassment grievance for retaliation.

    They are more than willing to write up guys for being a minute late or whatever else they can dig on you. Don't be scared about standing up for your job and your money. When the grievance checks start flowing in, you'll almost want them to work.
  18. You know it is funny how some people are quick to grieve something. Sometimes it is rightfully so, but the best thing to do is find out why the sup is working. Then you will know if it is a legitimate grievance or not. And as the one person said, depending on how people are in your hub, be ready to get scrutinize cause they make or may not try to get back at you.

    When did getting hurt, going to the bathroom, getting a drink a water become an "Act of GOD"?

    As PT Stewie said, and I am just up I-95 from him, out here, especially on Fridays or before a long weekend, it is hard to get people to come to work, and in my experience especially if they are full-timers.
  19. UnsurePost

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    Enough excuses. The only excuse for sups working are emergencies or "Act of God", training, demonstration of safety. 99% of the time the circumstances do not fall into these. Even when they do, it's a sup AND trainee working simultaneously, which is still a legit grievance.

    I say file, but once you file you had better keep filing. There is no "selective grieving" or leeway.

    IT's the stewards job to investigate the grievance, not my job. I do not ask why sups are working. After 10 years, 3 buildings and basically every job an hourly can perform I usually know why they are working, and there is no reason to ask or confront and cause problems. They didn't call in from the ext list, they sent people home (start or end of shift), etc etc.
  20. CustomerConcern

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    We keep a tab running for the week then file for the everything the Sup. did that week. Just itemize it by job and day, works real good and esay for the steward.